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Random Probable Cause
by Leah Sellers
2009-04-04 09:16:30
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“Excuse me, officer. Can you get that flashlight out of my Eyes? ”

The officer did not comply. In fact, the brazen flashlight appeared to burn brighter. Heat and unsuspecting Moths sizzling and smashing into the head of the unrelenting light are the only sounds piercing the ominous Silence.

“Umm, would you mind telling me why you’ve pulled me over, officer?”

“You’re the fourth vehicle, ma’am.”

“I’m the fourth vehicle?”

“That’s right, ma’am. The fourth vehicle.”

“Why is that important, officer?”

“There are some new laws in the state of Texas now, ma’am. Today, from twelve midnight to four in the mornin’ we’re settin’ up Check Points on every street within a ten mile radius. At every Check Point we’ve been ordered to stop every fourth vehicle to ferret out possible drunks or druggies.”

“What happens if I’m not a drunk or a druggie?”

“We run your plates and check your insurance information to see if you owe any late fines or traffic tickets, are a wanted criminal or an illegal. If you check out, we let you pass while we proceed on to the next fourth vehicle in the very long line of vehicles behind you, ma’am.”

“I’m being stopped without ’probable cause’?”

“By Law, every fourth vehicle is our ‘probable cause’, ma’am.”

“You know, officer, Check Points similar to these were set up in Nazi Germany for the general ‘safety’ and ‘well being’ of the overall public. Eventually, many people labeled as political and intellectual dissidents and Jews were detained at those very same Check Points, and then quietly shipped off to concentration camps and gas ovens.”

The flashlight steadily glared at the woman. The Moths continued to be easy victims. The frenzied creatures spasmodically bumped and hissed into the hot glass of the blazing, myopic Cyclops Eye of the officer’s official flashlight.

“I just got back from Iran, ma’am. I’m a patriot who decided to join the police force and continue to protect folks like you. I worked Check Points outside of Baghdad. It’s no big deal, ma’am. Just a little time out of your day.”

“Iran is a War Zone, officer.”

“This is a War on Drugs and Drunks, ma’am.”

“The streets of Texas are now considered a War Zone, officer? A War Zone filled with Random Probable Causes?”

"That's right, ma'am."

"Just for curiosity's sake, officer, what happens if you discover that the person driving a 'fourth vehicle' may be drunk or drugged?"

"We ask them to take a breathalizer test. If they refuse, we're trained to draw their blood and haul 'em in."

"You draw their blood? You stick a needle and syringe into them, and draw their blood," the woman asked incredulously?

Suddenly, the intrusive Cyclops Eye yanked to the left and then to the right before waving indiscriminately into the black abyss outside the woman’s truck window.

“Alright, Joe. Well it looks as though you check out, ma’am.”

“You don’t know how glad I am to hear that, officer.”

“You drive safely now.” With that the officer’s footsteps retreated into the darkness, and the blinding Cyclops Eye of his flashlight searched out its next Probable Prey.

All the woman could hear were the crunching and grinding of the officer’s boots as he approached the next 'fourth vehicle' in line behind her. The woman was once again reminded of the film she had seen displaying hordes of Nazi soldiers pounding their Fascist boots into the cobblestone streets of Europe. Goose walking themselves, the German people, and all of Europe and the World into the awaiting voracious, inhumane, blood-sucking jaws of Tyranny and Injustice.

The young, Texas police officer was a Hunter on the prowl. Stealthily sniffing out and approaching his next Random Probable Cause. The Call of Organized Chaos and the muted screams of dying Moths followed him and his Fiery Cyclops Eye.

The odor filling the nostrils of the woman, the Concerned American Citizen (who had innocently found herself to be the 'fourth vehicle', the next Random Probable Cause in line that particular and fateful evening) was the smoke and ashes of a Nation. A Nation founded upon the principles of inherent individual rights, freedom and liberty for All. A proud Nation, now disintegrating into a police state – a possible Fascist military state brought to power by American Fears – American over reactive needs to ‘be safe, secure and comfortable’.

The woman’s stomach began to tighten and to sicken with the expanding knowledge that America was beginning to lose Her Heart and Soul - losing Her Greatness to short-sighted pettiness and people’s constant refusal to learn from the Mistakes of History.

Perhaps all was not lost. Perhaps the ever changing Randomness of Probable Causes, which are always defined by Whomever is in Power, would not Win the Day. There is always Hope! There is always the Awakening of Awareness!

The woman quickly popped her truck’s gear into drive and purposefully pulled away from the lengthening line of Random Probable Causes, and the officer’s Hungry Cyclops Eye on the hunt behind her.

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Edna2009-04-07 14:37:38
This was really great! thanks for writing it!

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