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Caption This! April 2009
by The Ovi Team
2009-04-02 09:37:54
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It is simple. Look at this photo of the Earth and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.


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Asa2009-04-02 11:58:46
Hey, the photo is upside down!

Emanuel Paparella2009-04-02 12:08:02
As Dante put it in the Divine Comedy: from there [the moon] I saw that flower bed which makes us such boors. Of course Dante never went to the moon but he did have a powerful sense of observation and imagination which today's astronauts seem to lack.

James2009-04-02 16:33:19
Make sure you get my best side!

Clint2009-04-02 19:50:26
Looks like a deep depression forming over Zimbabwee

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-04-02 23:11:50
Hey, do you have another globe by any chance, huh?

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-04-02 23:15:10
Alien commander: 'Get your tentakles at ready, boys! Let's give these bastards a real show!'

Sam2009-04-02 23:53:43
Hmmm... if I had spent just a few days more working on it then it could have been perfect. I guess the six just weren't enough...

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-04-03 01:07:51
Astonaut 1: Hey, dintcha told you the government is lying to us all da' time?
Astronaut 2: How come?
Astronaut 1: See, man? The Earth is flat!!!
Astronaut 2: Hell yeah, buddy! I kinda can see it now!

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-04-03 01:12:14
Astronaut 1: Oh damn, I think we are falling!
Astronaut 2: No sweat, man!
Astronaut 1: Oh yeah?!
Astronaut 2: Told'ya. It's just a God damn picture!
(I think that's enough)

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-04-03 01:21:06
(The very last one)
Spy satellite operator: 'Shit! It's impossible to work in these conditions! Someone puked all over the Southern hemisphere!

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-04-03 01:28:36
(Damn! The ery very last one, OK?)
Doctor to the patient: 'Excuse me, sir! But there's something terribly wrong with your ahem!... hole!
Patient: What's that?!
Doctor: Eh... It looks like a map of the world!

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