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The G20 and Mickey Mouse in London
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-03-29 09:47:27
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In the beginning there were the G7, then they became G7 plus one and then it was the G8, G12 and now the G20! The theory was at least the way they present it, to synchronize the markets globally and put some rules, the truth as it came out was to globalize even by force extreme capitalism and by rules they obviously meant to manipulate the markets and especially the weaker ones. The result is obvious now with the G20, they are trying to cover their ass after all the disaster they caused.

I’m sorry if I sound too simplistic but that’s the only way I can see this well advertised meetings of statesmen who try to desperately to avoid their responsibilities and hypocritically not admit that they have been manipulated from short vision and greedy money diggers, period! Now I’m sorry again to point out but what Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico and South Korea have to do with the supposedly major economies just doesn’t make sense! Are Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and Barrack Obama going to follow Turkey’s example into sorting out financial problems? I mean the countries I just mentioned hold honourable positions for decades in the list of the most corrupted countries to start with! I have the feeling that only Zimbabwe is missing from this honourable list!

Coming now to influence or better economic influence I don’t think there is anybody out there who believes that except the fact of nearly eighty million consumers Turkey has any other economic power or influence and I don’t think any country even in the close region would like to follow Turkey’s example on how to handle economics so after the economic reasoning, political reasoning is dismissing. What is left? What is left is what I said in the beginning, a group of statesmen who try to cover their ass.

There is only one thing these G5, G12 or G20 managed to globalize and I have wrote it many times, they managed to globalize poverty and misery and that, at least for me excuses all the reasoning of all these thousands of people gathering to demonstrate against the G20 in London. These statesmen have the responsibility for what they let happened to the people and they should acknowledge their responsibility and come with solutions and the solutions will never come with drinking tea with Turkey or South Korea and sharing chocolate biscuits.

Except and that’s what I find more likely if Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama have different plans for Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia and Mexico have a different agenda for those countries, have plans and this is a good P.R. if not an R.R. occasion to put them at work and continue their manipulating games. You think that this sounds like a conspiracy theory? Well, have again a better look at the countries that will meet in London and that in theory represent the strongest economies globally. Let me see alphabetically, Argentina, Australia, Brazil …somebody definitely has a lot of humour!!! Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. And now let’s play the game which names strike you as a joke! I suppose Disneyland and Scrooge Mac Duck with Mickey Mouse were just too busy to be represented!

The thousands of demonstrators who have gathered in London this minute will demonstrate their right to hope, to work and education and this is a right nobody can take from them and parenthetically I hope the police will not show any of their usual brutal faces but remember that if the ones they protect continue their policy soon they are going to be in exactly the same situation with the demonstrators. Bullying and attacking demonstrators doesn’t protect them despite to what they might believe when it comes the time for cut offs they are going to follow the long cues of the unemployment office!

This time things are worst than any other before statesmen and bankers, industrialists and all the responsible with what happened with the economy have been provocative and arrogant in their greed giving to the people more to raise their anger and that’s exactly what they have to deal with this time, anger! So, let’s see what this Mickey Mouse gathering will decide for the future of the global economy and let’s remind them that their political existence is depending on the vote of the people and not the money of the bankers!

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Clint2009-03-29 13:53:33
Not often I beat the pap to a comment maybe he forgot to put his clocks forward.
Our noble police bully and attack demonstrators on the streets of London what are you suggesting that's just not British. What will be fun is seeing who manages to jostle next to Obama in the photo shoot. Our Flash Gordon will be one side as the host and after all we are paying for it but the other? We could run a book…..my money is on Merkel.
In a week that should have been dominated by the ‘the G20 crunch meeting’ our gallant leaders and media have been occupied in discussing changing our Royal line of succession to the throne to include females. Given Lizzie could live to 100 like her Mum, Charles 80 like his Dad and then William the whole ‘discussion’ would seem irrelevant for probably 70 years. Still that what politicians are superb at smoke and mirrors when our financial Armageddon is closing in.

Emanuel Paparella2009-03-29 21:47:32
How about inviting around the table not only Mickey Mouse and the proverbial chickens coming home to roost, but all the poor countries of the world. so that, as happened previously, their economic fate will not be decided by a few wealthy countries? It would certainly be more democratic and less hypocritical about the ideals of democracy and distributive social justice which many of these rich nations continually rave about rethorically without practicing them.

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