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"Architectonic structures" exhibition
by Edyson Dos Santos
2009-03-25 07:37:19
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Architectonic structures with light studies, vintage landscapes with organic silhouettes, warm colours and sepias. These photos were taken in Romania, The Netherlands, Portugal and Nigeria. Edyson dos Santos is a Venezuelan-born citizen of the world in his early thirties. He loves to travel, experiencing unique cultures, caring for and learning with them, but above all helping to improve the lives and practical conditions of the people he meets on his way.

He is the man responsible for www.weekeego.net, its original combination of sustainable and responsible travel services with community-engaging activities through agreements with local partners, natural conservation, development projects and strategic planning. The idea for these services came up on a beach of Mozambique, while two good friends travelled together and noticed how separated from the true colours of the place and affections of the local people the tourists staying all the time inside a private club resort were.

Introduction by Alexandra Pereira

For the full 'Architectonic structures' Exhibition, click HERE!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-03-25 12:25:56
Genial photos revealing the traveler who immerses himself in the culture he visits and therefore sees with a new set of eyes. Indeed we in the West desperately need a new philosophy of traveling: not one which conceives of traveling as a status symbol, engaged in for mere fun, relaxation and conspicuous consumption to impress the neighbors with, but one conceived as a journey in learning and experience. I suppose we call it “education travel” nowadays, a rather popular notion in academia but often mindless and unfocused even there, often conceived as a sort of visit to a museum and ignoring the live culture of the people who live in the place one visits. I tell my students when I take them on those “educational tours” that the Lilliput dictionary of the language of the people to get around and get one’s needs satisfied will not do. One needs to attempt to learn the language of the people which is the first insight into their very soul. An educational journey ought to get away from the folksy touristy practices and have the imagination to mingle and even live with the people rather than sojourn in a place, the so called five star hotel which isolates travelers by duplicating, as if in a cocoon, the consumer society they come from. Indeed, it is only by embracing the powerful archetype of the journey that one begins to fathom that one journeys from one place to another because of a conscious, or even unconscious, inner dissatisfaction with the place one lives in. The journey is indeed a journey back to the garden one left behind, back to the light, as Michelangelo well intimates in what he portrayed on the Sistine Chapel.

Alexandra Pereira2009-03-25 20:51:42
Personally, I hate travel conceived as a mere brainless touristic activity and status symbol. Besides obnoxious, it is highly irresponsible. One has to engage with local communities, live like they do, know the language and other forms of cultural expression, the people (including their difficulties... I hate the attitude of not caring about those because "they're not pretty - and why bother with sad things while on holiday?"), find out new ways of living together, experience new forms of being and interpreting the world, respect all that diversity, cherish it as one invaluable treasure, and above all care for the people you meet as a real traveler and human being would, otherwise you'll miss the whole point of traveling. Edyson likes to remind his friends of the quote: "The world is a book, if you don't travel you'll keep reading the same page during your whole life". But I would add to that the following: if you travel and stay inside the cocoon, not only will you keep reading the same page on and on, as you will heavily contribute to perpetuate and reproduce global problems with your own brainless and careless ignorance.

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