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A beautiful song
by Thanos Kalamidas
Issue 10
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It’s A Beautiful Day
It’s A Beautiful Day
I’m not sure why, but from the moment we started talking about an Ovi issue special about time I had a certain song in mind, ‘Child in Time’. It was written and first played by the rock group Deep Purple, but the catch is that it wasn’t the Deep Purple version I had in mind. It was a cover version by a band called It’s A Beautiful Day.

One day, the two groups met in an airport while changing planes during tours around the USA . After all the pleasances and a lot of beer, they decided to exchange a song and it happened that the song ‘Child in Time’ was included on the self-titled first album It’s A Beautiful Day.

The year is 1969, Vietnam War, San Francisco and Berkeley University , strawberries and blood for the older ones who might remember and psychedelic. Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and a magic violin from David LaFlamme, who combined classical music with jazz and rock far before the likes of ELO or Queen.

Sweet child in time you’ll see the line
The line that’s drawn between the good and the bad
See the blind man shooting at the world
Bullets flying taking toll
If you’ve been bad, lord I bet you have
And you’ve been hit by flying lead
You’d better close your eyes and bow your head
And wait for the ricochet

It’s A Beautiful Day is a pretty moody album and it starts with the classic ‘White Bird’, a song that became a jingle for many radio stations all around the world. Linda, David LaFlamme’s wife, plays the keyboards magically and the vocals by Patti Santos make you travel to magic dream worlds.

‘Hot Summer Day’ is a soft rock atmospheric ballad that seemed to have the lazy breath of a hot summer day, while ‘Wasted Union Blues’ becomes harder rock. This is followed by the fantastic ‘Girl with No Eyes’, a journey through music with a harpsichord and violin.

For the ones who know Deep Purple’s ‘Child in Time’ and the unbelievable intro with Blackmore’s guitar, just wait until you hear the violin intro in a Ravel’s Bolero style. The notes are repeated louder and louder until they are joined by a fantastic drum solo, followed by an electric piano.

It’s A Beautiful Day by It’s A Beautiful Day is a classic album that should not be missing from any self-respecting discography. It doesn’t matter if you are from the sixties, punk or the X-generation, the sound is there and you will definitely find it.

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