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But ...seriously!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-03-15 09:15:25
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After reading that the G20 made a pledge to restore growth I felt that we are doomed for the first time! It's like going to the doctor and hearing that he did what he could and now it is up to God, this is the part you know you are dead! Somehow these G20 finance superpower ministers made a pledge to make a “sustained effort” to pull the world’s economy out of the recession!

Now I’m really sorry but have they realized what they are asking and from whom? You just never ask the wolf to protect the sheep! Asking from the very same people who are responsible for what’s going on to minimize their profit, to stop firing people, to let money go around! But from the other side and please let me be my usual cynic self, this might be a good lesson for them. Greed is not something you can cure with advice and pledge, greed is something you can cure only with radical action.

If this situation will continue for another couple of years the thing will become a boomerang and it will hit them back because drowned inside their greed they miss the point that the people, the very same people who are today unemployed are the very same ones who consume, buy and make their virtual money going around. When the people will stop consuming, when they will stop buying and will stop circulating money then the virtual money will become hard quality and the diamonds will be proved simple coal! Then they will learn! They will be forced to learn when they realize that their empires are made from toilet paper!

But we had some good news also this week, the Chinese finance minister said that there are no worries, the recession will last only till 2010 and then everything will be happy, I suppose he thinks that if recession doesn’t obey he will send her to some kind of reformation camp to learn the red book! Or even better shoot her in the head, the Chinese favorite way to solve problems with ones who don’t obey!

The same time the American president Barack Obama decided to entertain the American people and take their mind away from the economic problems so he started a new campaign about food. Well the man told them that fine you don’t have money, you might lose your job and then your house but you are not enough screwed so now I’m telling you that what you eat is just …poison! He said that the US food safely system is a …public health hazard! Oh man! For the ones who live in N.Y. there is no problem, they are used to it for decades!!! I’ve been only as a visitor to N.Y. but I have to admit that there are some places you are afraid to step inside because you might dirty your shoes!

The best proof of how virtual the money is nowadays is what happened with Madoff and his worldwide financial scum. Nobody really knows how many people and who were really his victims and that’s mainly because a lot of them are quite known and they feel embarrassed to see their names in those big lists. My suspicion is that Madoff gave himself not because he felt guilty but because he doesn’t want anybody to find more for what he has really done, and hoping that because of his age he will be out free to enjoy what is left in his cool place somewhere in the center of N.Y. the man has turned filth into science!

Talking about N.Y. and filth my mind gone to Bin Laden, he appeared again and this time he’s after the Arab leaders. Yes I know what you are going to say the man definitely has some serious psychological issues, probably his mother neglected him when he was a kid, never let him breastfeed; his first girlfriend thought that he was a girlfriend and his first sex experience with a camel was a disaster but going after his mentors? His paternal figures and supporters? That is serious Oedipus complex and he has better look after it!

Somebody who definitely must look his therapist is Africa’s caricature Hitler, Robert Mugabe! The death by a car accident of the Zimbabwean prime minister wife has caused him serious problem driving him into a split personality; he was not responsible but he suspects that he was! He feels so guilty that he let free a few opposition leaders from his prisons. Somebody must tell him that the court in Hague can offer him the best psychologists in the world; actually some of them are looking forward to meet him already!

Last but not least in the cue of pathetic personas is what happened with the concerts Michael Jackson announced declaring that these are going to be his last in Britain! Reading that the tickets disappeared in hours I had one and only thought that people were so happy that he will never come again that they wanted to see the last time and make sure that he says goodbye! Pity he didn’t invite Madonna as support disaster! I mean both of them saying goodbye and promise never to pretend singing again, I might have bought a ticket!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-03-15 14:20:37
Talking of virtual money, our economic leader have a way out like Marie Antoinette had a way out when she figured that starving people could always resort to eating cake. Because of the hard economic times many now live in a so called “Second Life” and it is played in the computer. One of my daughters who plays on second life tells me that business is booming in it and she is making lots of money. Of course they don’t call the currency dollar but linden which can be converted to the rate of 270 for a dollar. She tells me she is almost lindeneire in her second life but of course when converted her cool million is a miserable two thousand dollars or so. But what the eck better be linden millionaire than jump out the window. Rumor has it that the likes of Madeoff who have made off with people’s money are now attempting a take-over of the second life enterprise so that they can at least be virtual millionaire as a way of fighting off the temptation to jump off some high building. We do live in interesting times.

Emanuel Paparella2009-03-15 14:33:39
P.S. But seriously though, St. Francis seemed to have a better solution: it consisted of killing greed within oneself, not being afraid of the leper of poverty and living within one's means. When one does that one begins to notice that there are interesting people in this world and they are worth knowing, and there are even flowers to smell. Who said that religion is passè? Perhaps those enlightened people need to reconsider their prejudice toward religion...Socialism and the common good worked quite well with the Apostles and the first Christians. It might well have been a better way, as shocking as that may sound to savage capitalistic ears...

AP2009-03-15 17:07:52
About the next G20 meeting and the Brazil-US evolving relationship:


Emanuel Paparella2009-03-15 17:53:31
On the incompetency of doctors who leave it all in the hands of God mentioned above, it brings one back to a true story which I believe could be a metaphor of sort for our present economic debacle, when instead of assuming some responsibility, we are all expecting miracles from our politicians. A very shrewd man in Italy (they are called “furbi” there), got together with a doctor to devise a scheme by which to defraud the insurance company and had the doctor declare that he had lost his sight and there was nothing that could be done but leave it all in the hands of God. The man claimed millions of euros and by law the company had to disburse them to him. The insurance company of course suspected something and put an investigator after his case and of course the man took to walking with a dog and dark glasses to keep the deception going. Not such a great deal after all. So he thought of another scheme. He went to Monterotondo where there was saintly Franciscan who made miracles, Padre Pio, now a saint of the church, walked in the church and came out with the intention to declare as soon as he got home that he had made a pilgrimage to Monterotondo and a miracle had occurred and that he could now see again. He went home thinking he had put one over the insurance company. When he got home he realized that he was now twice blind: spiritually and physically. He told no one and continued walking about with his dog and his dark glasses. If use our imagination there is a lesson there for all of us caught in the present economic turmoil. Unbelievers will of course declare the story a mere fable, but then again one does not have to bring God into this, one may think of what happened in terms of the Stoics’ natural law or what in the East they call the law of karma. It always catches up with our schemes and our evasions or responsibility.

AP2009-03-15 21:11:10
"President Obama and myself are truly convinced that the present economic crisis can be solved through political decisions which can be taken during the next G20 meeting (...) and we will start working on a common proposal to present in London, because I think it's extremely important that the leaders meeting there realize that decisions have to be made in a quicker way, because the number of unemployed people in the world is rising fast, we have to show much care and sensibility for those problems, and we are already seeing the immigrants in certain countries being persecuted (...) I think that President Obama has an extraordinary and historic opportunity to improve the relationships both with Latin America and Africa (...) we've also discussed joint projects to be developed by the US and Brazil in Africa"
Lula da Silva, press conference after the meeting

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