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Universal Colours #109
by Amir Khatib
2009-03-12 09:52:53
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OK, this is 2009, a new year and a new start, and it is "smiling" down upon us with the hope that now Barack Obama has become the new U.S. president he will instigate his campaign slogan of "change we need". We are ready to receive the new change, oops, I mean the New Year by going back to work after the joint celebration of a new year and a new president.

maglogoblack_400 We can say that we are full of hope due to the change that Obama has spread around because we are tired of wars and very depressed psychologically and physically too. This depression is caused by the former President of the United States who entered into history because he is - and hopefully the only one - that leaves the presidency via a pair of shoes.

That is why we suggest that change includes us as well; we should change our style of work in this magazine because 'change is a hope', as Mr. Obama said, and we are brimming with optimism and hope, both of a qualitative and quantitative nature.

Our change will allow some different types of art/literature to join from this issue and we believe that this will be a positive change, a chance to open a door to us all and encourage others to give us a thumbs-up as a sign of success. This door will give us a chance to tell our stories and to express our feelings artistically.

Thanos Kalamidas' suggestion that "Short story" should be the theme of this issue is a brilliant idea. I say that because stories take us back to our childhood or to the silent world or to imaginative life that most of us miss; it takes us back to ourselves, to strengthen the relationship with ourselves, so before we write anything we have a duty to do, that is, each one of us should stand in front of a mirror and look at her/himself carefully. Deeply and meditating, asking questions: Is it me who is reflected in the mirror? Am I like this?

We suggested relating this wonderful suggestion by Thanos Kalamidas to visual art, so our writers wrote about the narration in the visual art, because this issue has a lot to do with the theme so each one of us can see the narration from a different point of view.

Some very nice news that Universal Colours received earlier this year was the announcement that the Finland's Ministry of Education decided to distribute a sum of 100,000€ between migrant artists in Finland. This is the first year that this has happened, so we are looking forward to the coming years as the Ministry gets more money, which means they are making some positive policies in Parliament to help artists do their work - without help artists cannot see the light and that includes this magazine.

We will focus on this subsidy in a future issue and will try to cover the subject from all perspectives. We will make interviews with the decision makers, as well as interviewing some of those who receive some of the subsidy.

The number of Universal Colours published this year will be five instead of usual four because we see that what we distribute is not enough, and there is more demand for the magazine, which is why we will also print 1,500 copies of each issue - these will be distributed to all cultural centres and try to spread the name of Universal Colours across Europe.

You can download the free PDF from our website

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