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But ...seriously!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-03-05 08:47:42
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In Zimbabwe the caricature dictator, Robert Mugabe celebrated his birthday by making another present to himself and his friends in the murderous squad - he announced the continuation of seizing land from white farmers. Of course next to the white farmers it will be some of his opposition but the man has a plan, destroy the last remains of this beautiful country! The same time and while in totally piggy style he was swallowing his gigantic cake he promised to nationalize all the industry. The man obviously tries to find how much higher inflation will go in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, at the same time, he’s testing Zimbabweans’ desperation!

Somebody else who is definitely in desperation is the Afghan president Hamid Karzai. When the man took over, after the invasion and the first part of the war against the Taleban, he felt that there was hope for his poor country. Soon he saw his dreams dismissed and the Taleban returning with the allies and especially the Americans instead of helping with more army to argue about Iraq. Things in Afghanistan are much worse than anybody wants to admit and the only one who feels that this war might be lost is the president himself.

What worries him most is the chance that the Americans, NATO and their allies might decide that their real target is Bin Laden and not the Taleban and try to find a way to make a deal with them. This will be the total defeat for all the hopes. It will be the total recall to the medieval ages for the Afghans with the bearded cannibals returning in the streets of Kabul. The amazing thing is that the whole thing is another side effect of the big mistake the Bush administration did and it is called Iraq.

But things in Iraq seem to change also, Barack Obama seems determined to keep his word and the American troops are getting ready to withdraw from the country sometime in the middle of 2010 with a lot of unanswered question left behind and probably seen all the predictions analysts did after the invasion coming true. The questions for the future of Iraq are just too many and more are the wonders on what are the financial ties this invasion left with the superpower.

Well a superpower trembling on glass legs at the moment and a president with just too many fronts open with the most painful one the economic front. You it doesn’t matter what the president does or wants he has to deal with a very cunning enemy and that is the opposition’s partisan games and natural the support they get from their natural allies the bankers and the industry. Oddly the bankers and the industry using the card of the unemployment they try to blackmail for more money trying to ignore where these money are coming from and if this well has still water inside. Looking at the number of the dramatically increasing unemployed and record number of homeless I have the feeling that the well is draining.

Another well that is draining lately is in Europe which seems to live in some kind of virtual reality with Barroso planning the expansion and the people wondering whether they are going to have food tomorrow. But another thing that bothers on the side the Europeans is euthanasia, more and more people asking different European states to change the laws for people in critical and probably lethal condition with the opposition of this measure getting more aggressive. The first examples came from Italy with latest news the farther of the woman who was the centre of the whole argument accused for murder.

And talking about murders the events of India came in mind and the promise from Pakistan to investigate the involvement of Pakistani citizens in the terrorists’ act. Except that they suspect that there is involvement nothing more solid seems to come from this investigation leaving Indians with more questions and of course a lot of conspiracy theories something dangerous for the two neighbor countries with the nuclear bombs in the negotiating table.

In the meantime Jade Goody, the cancer victim reality show star got married and yes for a day at least she managed to take the minds of the British people away from Gordon’s screw ups! The kids' winners of the Oscars returned to India to face reality with photos going all around the world with the little boy beaten from his father and, yes, Madonna is human and not the reincarnation of the Mummy!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-03-05 13:50:33
But seruously Thanos, didn't the Medieval age have any good feature? Voltaire did not discover any but he was an 18th century man and we are allegedly "modern."

Emanuel Paparella2009-03-05 14:47:14
P.S. Regarding our Brave New World’s slippery slope called mercy killing or “the right to die” which naturally follows, as night follows day, the one called “the right to decide who is born and who is not born” one wonders if those "peaceful reasonable" activists who loudly advocate it in the name of “modernity and progress” have ever considered the other side of that coin: the inalienable right to life. If Eluana Englano had been on extraordinary means for keeping her alive, there would have been no moral problem in removing those extraordinary means and allowing her to die a natural death, but she was on mere ordinary means of sustenance: food and water and to deny her those is to play God with life and deny its mystery and its potential for redemption even in the midst of great suffering and tragedy. In today’s utilitarian pragmatic moral system the criteria for judging if life is worth preserving is the question “is he/she a producer or a consumer?” and if that is not the case, then he/she is no longer deemed useful to society and therefore, in the name of “quality of life” he/she is subject to being “eliminated” by the removal of ordinary means of life-sustainance by those who have usurped the role of Lord of life and decide who lives and who dies and when life is worth living and when it is not worth living. How sad!

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