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The apologetic face and some European thoughts
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-02-27 22:51:47
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I don’t think there has ever been an American president who came to power with so many hopes and had to make so many hard choices in his first month as Barack Obama. The only good news about the man is that people knew that this would happen and they show unlimited patience. And please don’t tell me that people shouldn’t start complaining since it is only a few weeks he took over because that’s another unfortunate coincidence for President Obama, the situation is so bad so there is no time to waste and people are beyond the point of just expecting results now they demand results.

Looking from this side of the ocean things look really tough and that not only because of the recession that has hit Europe hard but because the European leaders seem to expect the solution to come from the other side of the ocean as well and Barack Obama is standing there alone, actually it is not enough that he is alone in this battle but something we should never forget he has his political opponents to deal with. Political opponents who obviously are bitter losers and they have started partisan games from day one. This is always the part in politics I find hard to believe, all the things said that united we will stand during the difficult times and we are one nation and all these things seem to gone down the toilet with the first chance and even the legendary gentleman Mr. McCain is proved to be a blind bitter loser.

Of course the same time the greedy hawks of the industry and banking playing their games and seen that their blackmails worked they are not just asking but demanding more money. I was careful here to write money and not help because in the end of the day they demand from the state money to cover their greediness and mistakes while as I wrote in another article the number of unemployed and homeless dramatically increases in USA and the rest of the world.

Just over a month after, Barack Obama looks in his interviews apologetic because he hasn’t started making the difference he wanted so much and it is odd but you can see it in his face on the television screen. The man actually got a hell of a mess from George W. Bush he must fix and now he has to become some kind of messiah in one night, difficult work for one man. But let’s see what the Europeans are doing to help their ally, pathetically they push each other on who will be the first to visit him in the White House and shake his hand first for the photographers and I’m not joking, this is how pathetic are the contemporary European politicians. By the way it seems that Gordon Brown, the British Prime minister, is going to be the one, his local popularity is more in danger than any other of the European leaders.

When I started writing this my mind was in the videos I had watched a few hours before with Barack Obama trying to defend his new economic policy, be polite to a spiteful opposition and the same time inspire hope and optimism. But then my mind turned to the faces of Angel Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Gordon Brown and I felt shivers in all my body. I’m an atheist but with those three trying to sort out our economic problems in Europe there is one and only thing that I can say, god help us all! The three of them the last weeks emphasize the role of solidarity between the member states of the EU and the same time they invest rules to base this solidarity and help, rules that remind more bankers who use influence and politics in exchange than equal partners. I would never call myself euro-skeptic but these people, the politicians that run Europe nowadays from the failure Jose Barroso to the reactionary Gordon Brown makes me think.

The weird think is that they all have lost control and what remains is to see the people’s reaction and for example I’m really sorry to say it but for example because of Blair and Brown the British will bring in power Margaret Thatcher’s admirer and economic failure David Cameron repeating the mistake the Americans did with Bush. And as I said before all of them have turned towards the other side of the Atlantic waiting to see what Barack Obama is planning to do. And in the middle the rest of us unfortunately doomed!

I know that I don’t sound very optimistic but what makes me feel like that is what Barack Obama’s face reminded me, that nobody has apologize to us, the simple citizens and by doing or better no doing that they show us that they don’t really care, but then again these are just my thoughts! 

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Emanuel Paparella2009-02-28 10:54:51
European political leaders waiting for Godot on the other side of the Atlantic ocean? A silver lining of sort? Perhaps, if it is true after all that there are no atheists in fox holes; the holes being economic ones dug up by midget politicians who talk a brave talk about the common values of Europe but lack an overall vision and mistake a banal commercial treaty for a visionary constitution. Even a first rate philosopher such as Habermas is now envisioning a “post-secular” EU. Indeed, as Bob Dillan used to sing “times are a changing! On the other hand, Jefferson’s warning still stands: those who would sacrifice their freedom for economic advantage deserve to lose both. And that advice is good on both sides of the Atlantic.

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