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Enough with the war lords of the Middle East
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-02-16 09:45:31
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Sometime we must decide what we want to happen with the Middle East problem and particularly with the Palestinian issue. I was just reading the things the newly-elected Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said and I have to admit that his announcement that he’s not planning to talk with the freely-elected from the Palestinians' Hamas-supported government made me smile, and it was a bitter smile. I mean the Israelis don’t want to talk with the militant Hamas but they prefer to talk peace with the corrupted Fatah - a few years ago it was Fatah’s turn to be the militant terrorist and Arafat the bad guy in the neighborhood.

I just wonder how Israel would feel if we put aside the weapons power and they were both equal if Palestine leaders were demanding to talk only with the Muslim Israelis. I know you cannot compare but still it gives you a sense to what I’m trying to say. Perhaps the Palestinian people did a mistake by electing Hamas in their leadership and representative but has anybody asked what led them to that decision? Furthermore, how rockets to innocent, destroyed health system and economic structure will help the Palestinians to correct the supposed mistake?

Yes Hamas has its dark side and yes this side is very dark and full of blood but decades of horror and fear have fed them and we all know that violence brings violence why don’t they change policy? Why the leaders of Israel by making an example don’t they give some credit some faith to the Palestinian people, is it so difficult or is another agenda behind we don’t know and not just the conflict for survival in dignity? Please do emphasize this dignity because both sides have their right, who would like to live in the fear of a suicide bomber and who would like to have a kid in the university and the constant fear that somebody might kill this kid with no excuse just because he or she happened to be there. The same time have you realize that there are kids growing in Gaza that have no idea at all how it is to live in peace? Kids that born with a gun on their pillow and the possibility never to grow up since it takes only the madness of a politician who wants to prove his patriotism to end his life.

Because I have the feeling that in the end of the day that’s all there is, politicians and war lords with opportunistic agendas who keep this war going with innocent victims. I’m really sorry for the people of Israel but Ehud Olmert doesn’t look like anything else than a war lord and despite all the effect to present a democratic state the only thing he can show is a future full of blood and pain, actually more blood and pain. Watching the candidates arguing for the election I seriously start wandering why none, absolutely none of them ever mentioned peace but all of them absolutely all of them talked about nothing else than war. Isn’t anybody there who can say, enough!

And the Palestinians from the other side, they always had the sympathy of the people despite some very dark moments of their history and despite the geopolitical games of the western administrations; they always had the hearts of the people and the gigantic marches in all European cities can prove that but why can’t they understand that it is enough. Things have changed and 9-11th changed dramatically the world, why that hasn’t made them think, change, adapt to the new circumstances. Have they realized that the worst damage to their cause has become from their own forces and supporters?

Yes it was natural for the people to elect a Hamas supported leadership and representative, the people were lead sentimentally, they feel that everybody is unfair to them and they have to react in a way that will bother everybody. And they did so but why their leaders didn’t get the message and do the right thing giving an end to all this violence and blaming? And I don’t exclude Hamas to that, the leaders of Hamas have equal responsibility to the Palestinian people to give an end to something that lasts decades and has cost the lives of thousands from both sides and they are responsible because they let their cause to be used.

But the same way the Palestinians elect war lords the same exactly way Israelis elect war lords and the Palestinians end up with Hamas and Israelis end up with Ehud Olmert! Is just to see when it will come the day somebody from both say will say enough and be sure the people will surprise everybody in the end following this …enough is enough!

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bohdan2009-02-17 08:47:01
The human race is blind to itself.

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