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The Eye of the Storm
by Leah Sellers
2009-02-15 09:25:38
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Though you find yourSelf assaulted by the powerful gales of the Storm. A Storm energized by people’s Fears, Doubts, Concerns, and opposing Agendas - Seek the Eye of the Storm.

Within the Eye you will find the Inner Calm. Within the Eye you will be able to find your Breath - find the Time and Space to see the Pattern - the Macrocosm and molecular Microcosm of Events and Circumstances whirling around you.

Hold Firm - Hold Steadfast within the Eye of the Storm. A Lightening Rod simultaneously Static and Dynamic.

Everyone Fears Change. We Fear being diminished. We Fear what We will loose - what We think We will loose. That Fear can sometimes overshadow and obscure what Is to Be - what Can be Gained and Increased.

Americans and all Global technological Societies have become addicted to Immediacy. We have become spoiled and short tempered. If a computer is slow to boot up, We throw it away for a new one - a faster one - one that can Do more. If a Spouse or Partner displeases Us - if We find a better ‘model’ - We throw away the old for the new - one that can Do more for Us. We have become desensitized. Like Our machines We See everything as Interchangeable Parts (‘Parts is Parts‘). We are addicted to Speed - to Over Stimulation - to knee jerk Reactions and the Need to Win - to be Number One - Whatever that means.

Wall Street is addicted to Enforcing the nano-second Rising and Falling of colorful graphic chevrons, metrics and manipulated statistics. They are the Biggest Baby Bullies - the most Spoiled Addicts of All.

Technological Societies have Become childish, brutish, impatient ‘throw away’ Entities. But Change, of its own Energetic Accord, Takes and Makes its own Time and Space. Change, because of factors known and unknown has a Life of its own. That’s another Reason We Fear It. If We do not Rise Above Our Fears, We will Fall to Them.

If your Economic Stimulus (Spending) Plan contains a Balance of short-term and long-term Catalytic and Sustaining Growth measures, President Obama - Hold Your Course. How many times have We all been told that you must ‘Spend money to Make money’. It’s all Risky Business. The Macrocosm of America is a Risky Business. A National Business - a Global Business in Need of Resuscitation. It’s all about Being a Free Tradin’, Free Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Entrepreneur. Cycles within Cycles of Give and Take - Take and Give... Isn’t that what all ‘good Capitalists’ believe? Capitalists who have the ‘good’ of Our Nation and the World at Heart or In Mind?

The Fear Mongers of the Air Waves - those who would keep Us mired in castrating criticisms and Past Mis-Takes, Mis-Steps and Code Words Americans have been taught to distrust and devalue, are a Roaring Tornado at your Gates - at the Gates of America and the World.

Your role model Abraham Lincoln knew that roar - felt its full measure as Our Country ripped Itself to shreds like a Wolf driven Mad - desperate to Free Itself from the cruel, tearing jaws of a Trap of Its Own Making. Civil War - a Nation at War with and within ItSelf. Civil War - a National implosion which explodes.

Hold on to the Energy of Those around you who Support You - Support the parts of your Vision inherently meaningful to Them - Found within ThemSelves - Their Lives - Their Loved Ones - Their Neighbors. That Energy will Sustain and Nurture you. Sustain and Nurture the Vision of the Future and Connect It to the Present.

We Aspire to Learn from the Past - but We Live in the Present while Hoping for the Promised Landscapes and Dreamscapes of the Future.

You, Your Ideologies and Dreams which Resonated within Us, which Inspired Us, which caused Us to Identify with and Sing, “Yes, We Can” were Chosen by the Nation to Walk Us - to Guide Us into a Transformational Future.

You are the Right Pragmatic Poetic Visionary at the Right Time - the Right Place. Yes, a Chaotic, Contentious and Fractious Time and Place. But You are the Eye of the Storm - the Gale Winds will follow.

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