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How bizarre
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-02-15 09:25:21
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Odd …behavior in a toy aisle!

bizarre_toys_400An Olathe man was charged for masturbating in the …toy aisle of a discount store in Shawnee, police said.
Lloyd Alexander, 45, faces a misdemeanour charge of lewd and lascivious behaviour for the alleged incident Thursday evening. Police said the man masturbated in front of a Hot Wheels display at the Wal-Mart at 16100 W. 65th St., but stopped the act whenever people walked near.

He told police he had a Hot Wheels collection, said Shawnee Capt. Bill Hisle. “He seemed to be excited by the toys for some reason.”

He obviously confused the dolls!!!


Chocolate-covered bacon

bizarre_baconIf, for some strange reason, the thought of pig meat slathered in fudge doesn't give your stomach a tingle, then get with the times, man. In January, Time wrote about the proliferation of bacony delights on dessert menus in fine restaurants nationwide. Bacon ice cream has even popped up on Top Chef.

Mark Boggs of Plant City saw chocolate-dipped bacon at another fair up north and tinkered in the kitchen with some recipes. He decided that freshly grilled Hormel applewood-smoked bacon worked best; for $5, you get four slabs with a cup of syrupy chocolate dipping sauce. Don't let the concept scare you — there is no meaty aftertaste, only a salty-meets-sweet flavour delivered via the peerless crisp-yet-chewy texture of bacon. Find it at Mavric's Chocolate Barn near Gate 2.

Please add chocolate to my bacon and eggs breakfast!


Cambridge girls

bizarre_cambridgeDrunken students heaped shame on Cambridge University by simulating sex acts in sordid booze society initiations. Education chiefs were “horrified” as girls were snapped on their hands and knees using their mouths to roll condoms on bananas hanging from boys’ trousers. The girls belong to the Newnham Nuns — a drinking society at the all-female Newnham College. Are being assaulted too.”

Alcohol Concern’s Carys Davies said: “It’s not really setting a good example.”  The National Union of Students said it “strongly encouraged” a ban on the “dangerous ceremonies”. A University spokesman said: “We aim to ensure students behave responsibly.”

The jolly college years!!!

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