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Lights! Action! Stickman! #6
by Clint Wayne
2009-02-14 09:44:52
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Welcome to "Lights! Action! Stickman!" in which scenes from classic, and not so classic, movies are depicted through stick figures for you to guess the film. Enjoy!

Feel free to leave your answer in the comments, so don't scroll down too far or the answer may be revealed prematurely!


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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Asa2009-02-14 09:52:05
#1 is Superman: The Early Years ;)

Joe2009-02-15 00:06:34
The second has got to be Rear Window.

The first, I don't know, but my wife reckons Billy Elliot and that dance scene in front of his dad.

N. L. Wilbur2009-02-15 11:11:32
No. 2 is, without a doubt (unless I'm wrong), "The Lover Who Fit in the Briefcase."

Clint2009-02-15 13:49:39
Go apologise to your wife Joe and of course Rear Window

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