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When Tsvangirai was hired as an alibi
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-02-13 09:20:32
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I suppose many were waiting for the celebrations following the hiring of Morgan Tsvangirai as the new prime minister of Zimbabwe. But the way it happened, it is like Africa’s caricature Hitler, Robert Mugabe employed a new prime minister. You see whatever Tsvangirai says, the dictator is still there powerful as ever and ruler of the Zimbabweans’ sad destiny.

The thing is simple, democracy and change will come to Zimbabwe when, and only when, Robert Mugabe and all his murderous squad will go to prison, will go to courts for their crimes and Mugabe himself will fly to The Hague International Court to be judged for crimes against humanity. In the international court or worst case scenario in a court in Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe must stand beside a whole squad of other murderers, the leaders of the security services, the army and all the paramilitary organizations Mugabe made as his personal guards. As long as this caricature of Hitler is the final ruler of Zimbabwe there will be no freedom for the Zimbabweans.

Morgan Tsvangirai proved all the fears true by compromising with the dictator and accepting him as the supreme power of Zimbabwe. That means that he is accepting the dictator having the final word in everything including major issues as freedom of speech, actually Morgan Tsvangirai becomes the perfect accomplice and alibi for the dictator to continue his crimes. Tsvangirai asked for example from the ‘president’ to free the political prisoners but here we have two things. First a lot of the ‘prisoners’ are not prisoners of the state but prisoners of Mugabe’s murder squads including a lot of members from Tsvangirai’s party.

Then with the freedom of those people depending on Mugabe how can Tsvangirai will free them all except if he’s planning to compromise here as well and free only his allies and supporters, you see with this compromise is definite that Morgan Tsvangirai will have to deal with a strong opposition to put it mildly. Is anything going really to change? Are the security forces going to change, is the army or the totally corrupted civil service going to change? Fine the worst, the most corrupted cases might be punished just to show that there is a change but the truth is that nothing will really change.

Actually there is one thing that will definitely change. The world is too tired with all these wars, the economic catastrophes and the recessions and they desperately need to heal some wounds and hiring Morgan Tsvangirai, Mugabe manages to win time. The neighbour countries, the African Union and probably UN will salute the change as a beginning and in the name of the good of the Zimbabwe people will all try to help first of all lending money to the poor country. Money the corrupt establishment will take anyway but some of them might go to the people. The inflation will fall to ‘normal’ something around only 100% and everybody will be happy.

I know, you will say that something had to be done for the people who die from starvation and cholera. I agree that something had to be done but Zimbabwe hasn’t got the luxury for half measures especially ones that include Mugabe or ones that give Mugabe the alibi for his former and future actions. Worst of all is that now there is the chance to happen the only thing nobody wanted to see, the reaction of the disappointed opposition and this is what usually leads to a civil war. The most expected change came to prove that the king was naked. 

I’m sorry if I spoiled the party for some but I had my doubts about Morgan Tsvangirai from the very beginning and I’m really worrying that this story is not going to have a happy end, well it is not happy anyway ay the moment and Mugabe obviously didn’t even have the dignity to do what Pinochet did with retiring even after all the changes he did to the Chilean constitution to protect himself, unfortunately for the Zimbabwe people Mugabe is a bloodthirsty serial killer who hasn’t finished yet and we are all responsible for every minute he is in power.

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