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But ...seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-02-07 09:50:21
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What is really going on in Washington? Weeks after all US politicians declared they are united and give their support to the new president of the USA, I have the feeling that the games began and these are real partisan games. The new president has to face a constantly delaying Congress and hard negotiations even with the members of his own party actually Democrats and Republicans give a lesson in what partisan politics means. I presume it all sums up to a promise the president gave during the campaign and obviously intent to keep, control over the lobbies!

When Obama promised control over the lobbies I’m sure he was aware for the war he declared and I’m sure that he was aware that this is a war with no mercy from both sides probably worst that any war against terror, you see the interests of these lobbies in some cases moneywise sum the budgets of all the major countries together and they exhibit their power daily in Washington D.C., in Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin. For the ones who wonder this is not a unique American phenomenon but it exists in Europe and here it is more cunning and covering the traces better; at least in USA there is some form of legislation to shape their activity, here in Europe there is nothing at all and these lobbies is something we will have to deal with soon. Apart from that we must remember that lobbies don’t have nationality, the only thing they understand is the colour of the money.

At least other decisions of the new president haven’t been victims of this partisan games, one of the prisoners of Guantanamo was supposedly to led to a court room with the usual non existence of defence but following the orders of the new commander the judge overseeing the hearing in Guantanamo dropped all the charges waiting for the next step; of course the accused remains in custody but obviously something happens there.

But it seems that nothing comes easy for the new president. The number of the unemployed in US reached record numbers going high as 7.6% from 7.2% which translates to 598,000 more unemployed. The situation led the president to say, the situation could not be more serious! Unfortunately Europe started feeling the touch and the seriousness of the situation with more companies sending more people into unemployment preparing for really low quarter results including companies that the last decade made record sales and profits and following the American example the industry to suffer more is the housing and car industry.

However the surprise came from UK when the banks announced that there is some kind of move in the house sales and that there are more applications for loans. At the moment the European Central Bank has kept the interest rates unchanged to 2% giving some hope to European investors that the Eurozone might survive the hard hit without much damage. Perhaps it came the time for the Europeans to show real unity because the shadow of the unemployment is going to hit hard the continent. Spain counts already 3 million unemployed and they are expecting the number to reach 5 million by 2010, which means that one in five will be unemployed. Dramatic and scary numbers with the rest of the European countries following very close and obviously the series of the measures the governments are taking are not enough to hold the problem

The French government does already take measures worth 26 billion Euros but again as the French Prime Minister said this is not enough and there are major worries that the production will collapse if the money proved not enough soon and that means that it will be no time left for the next series of measures. A prove on how the economic crisis has hit Europe is the announcement of the Deutsche Bank that the company suffered loses for the first time since WWII and we must remember that Deutsche Bank is something like a barometer for the Eurozone economy. Of course everybody is watching what’s going on in Iceland waiting the results and actions of the new government, Iceland was and still is the worst case scenario but it happened and that’s a worrying sign.

The same time the snow seems to lead UK into hysteria with schools and most of public services numb, BBC defending itself of the new row with Ms. Thatcher and organizations warning the government that the new electronic surveillance measures threaten democracy. Sarkozy unveils a new way to boost his sexuality with gymnastics and a personal trainer and the Greek Prime minister Kostas Karamanlis waking up from his chronic sleep in a televised announcement just discover that there is a financial problem in Europe! 

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