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by Asa Butcher
2009-02-05 10:01:49
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Here's a series of photographs I took many years ago for a project. Today I share them with you...

For the full Apocalypse Exhibition, click HERE!

For more Exhibitions, click HERE!

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Rene Davila2009-02-05 13:21:09
Beautiful photographs. In my opinion, black and white, or monochromatic, are a lot more artistic than color. My favorite is SILOHEUTTE. Reminds me of the great works of Cartier Bresson.Thank you for sharing them.

Emanuel Paparella2009-02-05 14:44:58
These photos give the lie to those who claim that photography is not an artist medium or on the other hand those who say with Plato that art is mere imitation of nature. Indeed, without the mirror of art we would not be able to see our faces and know ourselves. Well done Asa.

Emanuel Paparella2009-02-05 14:46:10
Errata: artistic.

AP2009-02-05 15:31:09
Nice contrast and colours. It really looks like apocalypse.

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-02-06 01:27:44
Excellent stuff!

AP2009-02-06 02:24:14
I think Inner Feelings is a great photo.
Other favourites: Silohuette, Posterize, Light and the framing of Breaking.

Asa2009-02-06 08:50:59
My ego thanks you all for your kind comments.

Looks like I'll have to head back out armed with the camera... or at least tale a break from the family pics!

Asa2009-02-06 08:51:40
PS - Sorry about the sloppy spelling mistake... Silhouette

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