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Is There A Plumber In The House?!
by Leah Sellers
2009-02-04 09:37:21
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America’s political and social plumbing is clogged. America, and Americans, are groaning and moaning under the stresses and strains of dysfunctional Family (the Nation’s) partisan (Republican and Democratic) leadership.

The Republican and Democratic parties seem to be determined to ‘draw lines in the sand’ (or sludge) that neither can seem to approach without getting bogged down in the sloggy mire of waste-filled bickering and bantering.

Luckily, President Obama, who finds himself burdened with the job of Our Nation’s Congressional Executive Plumber General, continues to tirelessly plunge forward with an open, positive and transparent National agenda - continues to seek out and nurture Bi-Partisan relationships within some very murky and dangerous, negatively charged, waste waters.

Contrary to popular Congressional views - Our (the American People‘s) memories are not as short as they would like to believe.

Most Americans remember that the original stimulus package (TARP) was supposed to fix the toxic mortgage assets, debts and losses crippling Our (and the World’s) economy. Instead, Mr. Paulson decided to give it to the Banks and other financial institutions, which used the TARP monies to buy out and buy up smaller banks, and to give their people 18 billion dollars in bonuses; while refusing to offer the loans they promised to extend to the American public so that American citizens won’t lose their homes.

Yes, that’s right, bonuses for people working within the very institutions that needed to be bailed out by Our (the American People’s) tax dollars. Yes, that’s right, they get bonuses and new toys to enjoy with tax payers monies, while middle and lower class American (tax paying) citizens continue to lose their homes (and jobs) due to the National and International Financial Speculation (Gambling) Games played by the very institutions who borrowed American tax monies in order to stay afloat and in return offered (but have not acted upon that offer) American citizens help to get out of the messy jam those very institutions helped to create and instigate.

Now, another stimulus package intended to primarily help the middle class and the poor is being considered and the Republican party unanimously refused to give it support in the House of Representatives. Under the leadership of a man ( alias, Mr. Rancid Limberger, who is not an elected member of Congress) who openly admits that he wants President Obama’s plans to fail (so that he, the divine Mr. Rancid Limberger can be proven ‘right’) so that the Republican party can once again rise to power. Yes, the Republicans are insisting upon a ‘House (Nation) divided’ instead of a ‘House (Nation) united due to a political bid for power. It appears that they think that Partisanship is preferable to Compromise. Criticism is better than Constructive Discourse and Mutual Understandings.

Let Us take a walk down Memory Lane, shall we? The first stimulus package (TARP) was passed by both Houses under the Republican leadership of President Bush. What has happened to that same Spirit of Bi-Partisanship that President Obama now seeks and is working to maintain?

The Republicans, and some Democrats, are choosing political power and personal ambitions and agendas over rebuilding Relationship (Trust, Faith, Respect and Honor) with the American People. Hierarchal hubris, individual avarice, unconscionable, narcissistic machinations and outright theft by some of Our political and financial Family (National and Global) leaders are a major part of just some of the reasons Our Family (America) is in this incredible Economic and Social Debacle to begin with.

Dear Congressional Leaders, American’s are your Family. You have been elected heads of the Household (Nation). What happens when Fathers and Mothers lie to their Children, withhold opportunities from their Children (in order to accrue monies for their own selfish self aggrandizement), refuse to feed, cloth, educate and shelter their Children (while they, fully and warmly clothed, eat a rich banquet of plenty within a warm, cosy and safe house in front of the starving, uneducated, homeless Children)? What do you Think will happen?

Congressional, Financial and Corporate Elitist’s, you have become dysfunctional Parents.

President Obama is trying to return to Good Parenting (Good Plumbing) Skills and Behaviors within Our Family’s (Nation’s) leadership and citizenship, and their decisions. Please, for the good of your Children (the American People) get with the Program. Your business, for your own Survival as well as Ours (if One fails we All fail), should be putting all of Us on the Path to Present and Future Success and Productive Opportunities; not continued contentious degeneration. You should be exerting efforts toward rebuilding and restoring an Honorable, Trustworthy and Productive Relationship with your Family (American citizens).

The Bill presently being worked upon within the American Senate should have ‘long term fixes’ as well as ‘short term quick fixes’. When the ‘quick fixes’ help to stimulate the economy, the ‘long term fixes’ will create the Groundwork for those ‘quick fix’ Seeds to be planted within.

No Groundwork - no rich Soil for long term growth - the stimulus Seeds will fall upon Stone. Any growth on Stone will more than likely shrivel up and die. Any growth in prepared and fertilized ‘long term fixes’ Groundwork-Soil will have the important Nutrients (programs, monies, employees...etc.) needed to sustain and nurture the ‘quick fix’ Seeds sown.

If your Children needed Healthcare, would you spend your Family’s earnings on golf or sky-diving? If your children needed funds for School of College, would you spend your Family’s earnings on football tickets or a second home on the ski slopes of Colorado? If your House was in need of serious repairs before it finally falls down around you, would you spend your Family’s earnings on expensive airplanes and a Family vacation to Shangri-la?

Today, the majority of Americans got caught up in the Credit Card Fiasco because they make salaries which do not match their standard of living. Their Cost of Living Expenses far outweigh their Salaries. The System is out of Balance. The rich have been made richer and the middle class and the poor have been made poorer. In fact, the Middle Class is losing ground - is shrinking - is getting squeezed out. Poverty and desperation is on the rise. The House is on fire and the Parents (elected Congressional Leaders) are standing in the front yard arguing, blaming, and balking while the House (with the Family members inside) is Burning Down.

Please, Dear Republicans and Democrats, Dear Financial, Corporate, Military, Judicial, and Executive Leaders of America (and the World), put yourselves together in Courteous and Respectful Discourse, and stay Focused on what is best for the American People (and the Peoples of the World). Please, put your ‘Listening Ears’ on and Open you Minds and Hearts to one another - to the Citizens you have taken Responsibility of and for. Take the best Ideas from every side of the issues and problems being debated, and shape a stimulus package which will help all Americans hang on to what they’ve got and continue working toward Future Opportunities.

Please, do not become polarized. If Our Leaders are polarized - America suffers - America writhes in frustrated, angry confusion and fear. That is not sound Political and Social Science. Polarization often creates a lethal chemical/physical/emotional concoction which ultimately blows up into Everyone’s faces.

We need to Balance the Ideological Solutions being put into our ‘Problem Solving’ mixture. Not add to its volatility through immovable and implacable stasis (clogged plumbing). It is time to be Positively and Nobly Dynamic - to change the way we do things for the Sake and Survival of Everyone involved within this great Nation (your Family) and the World.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-02-04 15:04:27
Indeed, for the moment we have Rush Limbau hoping that Obama fails, which is like cutting you nose to spite your face (so much for Republican super-patriotism) and the silver linining in all this is that Mc Cain and Palin did not win or we'd have Joe the plumber appointed secretary of the treasury to fix the economy. Ultimately Jefferson had it on target: those who give up their freedom for economic advantage deserve to lose both. Food for thought there.

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