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The message The message
by Bohdan Yuri
2021-12-23 09:01:52
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The message I'm getting is far from here
it travels in a line of constant despair.

a hungry child stares at his unfilled hands
his mother cries at the emptiness in his soul.

a shattered dream walks in solemn grief
as the father mourns by his son’s plywood coffin.

a daughter tries so hard to learn the motion
of walking on crutches and a leg to support.

the other learns not to look into a mirror
and cry at the melted flesh from war’s revenge.

they will not forget the aimless shells and bombs
that carried their lives into a den of lost tears.

but the victors will remember only the swagger,
of those who are spoiled by the bounties of wars.

at some point in time the line of despair
will finally reach into everywhere.



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