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Give me one reason...
by Edna Nelson
2009-02-01 09:18:27
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A piece of artwork from Edna Nelson: Give me one reason...



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Get it off your chest
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Thanos2009-02-01 20:07:29
Ha I met a few in Helsinki that believed that ...they were not!!! Hahaha good one!

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-02-01 23:34:35
I remember times (back in Soviet Union, it was) when young men with long hair had been considered 'anti-soviet elements, terrorists, shameless perverts and hooligans.'You could not ride in a metro, or stroll down the street without receiving at least a few abusive remarks from passers-by. I know it from my personal experience.

AP2009-02-02 04:51:10
Uhhh... is he gay?

Mom2009-02-04 04:18:50
You got me there, can't think of any.

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