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Time - a fine line
by Louie Parsons
Issue 10
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What do we really know about time? Hands up if you own an alarm clock?

Time is a perception, a man made view on something we only think we know and understand.

 We know the calendar we use now was introduced by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and later changed to the Gregorian, the reason for the change an a problem we still have today is it’s not 100% accurate if we had a perfect system we would not have leap years.

Which brings me to the theory if we were all in sync with the earth’s natural time we would have no use for alarm clocks? The Mayan people had a far superior mathematical system concerning astronomy and time how come we know it exists an we don’t use it, ok asking the people of the world to adapt to a new system would be almost impossible but it may help us to understand the world we live in a little better and maybe respect it more as our forefathers did. The Mayan calendar also took into account the time cycle of the moon, sun and Venus, which we have only been able to calculate accurately in recent years.

One important factor of time is time its self, lets use the musical term “tempo”. Humans have been out of tempo with the world now for a couple of hundred years and because of this we have abused the planet we live on, repercussions are coming and we are too blind to see.

We think like the first aviators that we are flying and in reality we are in freefall and apart from a few we don’t seem to have noticed that the ground is getting closer.

Also a factor of time is self realization of your time here on planet earth, how many billions of people spend their time rushing from A to B without experiencing the real value of time, which is that this time is your time every moment every hour every day.

One part of Buddhist philosophy is realization of the moment, wither you believe in reincarnation  or not the truth is that your time here on earth  in earths huge time scale is very small, so take the time for your self very seriously its not being lazy that is another misconception of time.

 Take the time for being with family and friends enjoy a sunset and a sunrise. Enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature provides for us and try getting your self in sync with her time.

Sweet childish days, that where as long as 20 days are now. - William Wordsworth

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. - Benjamin Franklin

Take care in your minutes, and the hours will take care of themselves. - Lord Chesterfield
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