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But ...seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-01-28 09:53:53
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I can always try to understand Israel’s arguments about the problems in Gaza or the issues with Hamas but you have to admit that from their side the Israelis do everything to test our understanding. While everybody tries to stop at least the bombardment of innocents and just everybody around the world says that it is time to end this game with even Israel’s politicians joining in the talk, Israeli helicopters continue hitting Gaza and tanks are rolling back.

The thing is that Israel might get some understanding but it is definitely losing every single sympathy and the more pictures of dead kids that come on the news the more people will start ignoring Israel’s argument and excuses and in the end Israel will find out the hard way what happened to the little shepherd who cried wolf all the time.

But there are others on the other side of the planet who lack sympathy. The military dictators of Fiji were warned by the Pacific Islands Forum that they have to hold elections until the end of the year and return to their barracks. As the members of the PIF emphasize the situation in Fiji is plainly unacceptable according to international laws and standards and if nothing will change till the end of the year the members will act.

Pity we haven’t heard anything similar from Zimbabwe’s neighbours. The caricature Hitler of Africa, Robert Mugabe, lied one more time without caring after reassuring everybody that after a long meeting he came to an agreement with the opposition. Of course in a country were Mugabe totally controls information nobody heard the opposition saying that there was no deal with the dictator, that nothing has changed and that the number of dead increases every hour.

But something else also dies. The emperor penguin of Antarctica is being led to extinction and this time due to environmental reasons. This minute there are only 600 breeding pairs all around the world which means that a big number of those live in captivity in zoos. The environmental change is visual perhaps in our countries but it is dramatic in the Antarctic where temperatures have raised and ice is melting. The most dramatic is to watch these creatures face extinction one after the other with the most of humanity doing absolutely nothing.

At least the new American president seems to act by asking from the states individually to do something about their energy plans leading to research for alternative and more environmental friendly solutions. His aim is to make the USA energy independent and to succeed that the whole nation has to turn to its natural resources. Serving the thousands lobbies and interests in Washington, the US administrations the last ten years have done everything to boycott any environmental friendly investment promoting oil and nuclear as the only solution and the same time bringing American into a depending relationship with the oil producing countries including Saudi Arabia and for many the reasoning behind the invasion to Iraq.

And since we are talking about depending it looks like a big part of the American industry and banking is depending its future in the new president’s stimulus. The new president tries to persuade the Congressional Republicans to accept his $825bn economic recovery plan but the Republicans, still bitter after the loss, are playing the only game they know, partisan politics despite the fact that themselves know the problem and can see that this bill is the only possible solution at least for the moment until the market stands and manages to sort out the mess alone.

However even though things don’t look good there is one country that has shown good results in the beginning of the year despite the fact that all the warning were from bad to really bad and this is Germany where numbers show a much smaller raise of unemployment a moving market and unexpected growth in business.  The chance is definitely bringing hope to the suffering the last few years European markets from the unsteady American markets. But the change of the American administrations has brought more hope in general in Europe and now Brussels are waiting when the new president is going to visit Europe and what he’s going to say, more importantly they are thinking their answer which should not be sentimental and influenced from their jolly of Bush’s farewell.  

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