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Number 4000
by Asa Butcher
2009-01-28 09:53:57
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It has become a time-honoured Ovi magazine tradition over the past few "thousand" landmarks to offer a recap of the articles that were fortunate enough to be posted as the "hundredth", so, without further ado, let's begin!

To recap: it took the Ovi team 281 days to move from 1,000 articles to 2,000, it took 264 days to move from 2,000 to 3,000, and it took us 262 to move from 3,000 to 4,000… not too shabby, although I did predict it would be accomplished by January 13th 2009!

"those early years"
By Bohdan Yuri
5 June 2008

Bohdan Yuri has been a long-time poetry contributor to Ovi and this is just one of many we published during 2008. Whether you "get" poetry or not doesn't matter as long as you read the occasional one because, eventually, you will find one that connects emotionally. Happy hunting!

Quote: "I didn’t think much of what was ahead, the present game was more than enough."


3200 & 3400
Cyprus report
By Euro Reporter
27 June 2008 & 17 August 2008

Through some strange twist of fate, kismet or just utter coincidence, we have two Euro Reports from Cyprus among the nine contributions reviewed here - there was no point to have two separate reviews, so, being the frugal chap I am, they were amalgamated into one. For the uninitiated, Euro Report is a regular feature of Ovi that randomly picks an EU member country, selects three or four stories originating from the chosen member state and then publishes them along with a one line witticism or comment. Simple!

Quote: "A nation must have some kind of history to respect other's history and obviously Turkey lacks that!"


Sarah Pow
By Sarah Pow
24 July 2008

Ovi is more than a forum for the written word. We also offer space to any budding artists wanting to share their work or just a glimpse inside their extensive portfolios. Sarah Pow was one such artist who sent four illustrations that displayed her skills as an artist. It was her painting of troubled singer Amy Winehouse that caught many people's attention and received a number of positive comments.

Comment: "Impressive use of form, color, capture of personality."


Life Undercover #70
By Thanos K & Asa B
15 September 2008

Ah-ha! "Life Undercover" and its tongue-in (and out) cheek look at religion, theology and relationships… did we miss anything? It is one of my favourite cartoon strips to create and allows me a chance to poke fun at many subjects that I find ridiculous. Oh well, the atheist in my prays to God that He has a sense of humour!

Quote: "It's all your fault and that snake…"


A doped spirit
By Thanos Kalamidas
13 October 2008

Contrary to popular belief, Thanos does have an opinion and he does feel, from time to time, the need to share his thoughts with anybody ready to listen… sometimes he doesn't care if you want to listen or not. The bastardisation, or should that be commercialisation, of the Olympics is one of his pet hates and in his article "A doped spirit" he gave vent to that anger along with his fury over the retesting of athletes at the Beijing Olympics - an event he didn't watch a single minute. Read it… or else!

Quote: "These people led by the Archbishop of Greed, the worst president this committee ever seen, Jacques Rogge has sold not only their soul and body to the dollar or the euro, but they have sold something that was never theirs."


By Alexander Mikhaylov
6 November 2008

Milan Kundera is not a name that pops up in regular conversation and it is probably a name that would make most of us scratch our head and ask, "Who?" However, Ovi was happy to publish Alexander Mikhaylov's article about Milan Kundera, the notorious critic of the Soviet Invasion and Russia-hater, and the revelation that he is a former Secret Police spy. His article is an interesting analysis of both the man, the situation and his own experiences, so check it out if you have not already done so.

Quote: "It had been the only instance in my life when the KGB officer said to me ‘If you will learn something interesting about your friends, like what they are up to, whom they see and so on, give me a call.’"


Damned by Sydney: The passing of Jorn Utzon
By Binoy Kampmark
4 December 2008

The Sydney Opera House is one of the best examples of great Twentieth Century architecture, but its designer Jorn Utzon was treated with something bordering on disdain by Australia for many decades. In December the great man died, so Binoy Kampmark wrote a piece to honour the man and remind us all why he truly is one of the top architects of the last century.

Quote: "The Danish response to Utzon’s passing was located somewhere between genuine warmth and megalomania."


While I dream I hope
By Thanos Kalamidas
1 January 2009

A new year was welcomed in with an article written by an unusually optimistic Thanos. The cause of this outbreak of optimism is one Barack Obama and the hope that this one man has managed to bring to a planet. As Thanos says in his article, when we look back over the last few years we see a dark cloud from the beginning of every year, yet Obama brings hope that is so valuable in human life.
Quote: " The ancient Romans used to say, "Dum spiro spero", while I breathe I hope; twenty centuries after it has become urgent to find hope because without hope we are losing our breath."


So, if my math is correct, the next landmark will 5,000 and that will be one to truly celebrate, but how? I guess we have about 270 days to decide what to do, so roll on October 2009 I guess!

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