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The cure for Zimbabwe's cholera
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-01-26 10:09:08
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Unfortunately over the last year we found out that there is something worse than a contagious disease and that is Robert Mugabe, the caricature Hitler of Zimbabwe. According to the UN, which can only monitor, the number of dead has increased to 2,800 souls, many of them children, a number 20% higher than last week and according to the Medicins Sans Frontieres the number is going to dramatically increase since cholera is spreading to remote areas where access to doctors is difficult to impossible!

At the same time the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has returned to Harare and he resumed talks with the dictator for the sharing power model. I’m really sorry but they all proved me right when a few months ago here in Ovi magazine I was writing about this negotiations and the effect to share power. I thought and unfortunately still think that the whole thing is in vain. Not only because Robert Mugabe is not going to share any power knowing that if he will do so the next place for him will be the exile or the prison cell but because the opposition has lost the meaning of the whole thing and instead of trying to find a solution for the good of the Zimbabwe people they both strangle for power.

Mugabe knows all that, you have to admit that like all the famous serial killers and high profile murderers Robert Mugabe is a clever bastard. He knows that as long he has Tsvangirai arguing for ministries and positions nothing is going to change and he will be still there with his murderous squads ruling, raping, torturing, killing and stealing from a nation that is weak to react to anything.

Actually Mugabe doesn’t need to do anything at the moment but just sit there and wait. His followers are blaming the west and especially Britain and Europe even for the cholera epidemic accusing anybody who is opposing them as spies, the UN stands still unable to interfere after doing nothing for so long and the African Union is making politics trying to balance between the hardcore dictators of the area who use just like Mugabe their hate to the west to rule their countries with fear and the other side the ones who can see what happens in their area and they are trying to stop the fire of expanding.

I have said it many times that it is time for the UN to act but this action has to be radical because Mugabe has the army in his side and that’s the other key point, is like saying all the time it’s me or a civil war. The big question is will anybody be alive in the end? We are not talking about economic sections here, the Zimbabwean economy is in the Guinness Book of World Records and they are going to keep their catastrophic records I’m afraid for ever. A health system that has collapsed and the only way there are not more victims is thanks to NGOs like Medicins Sans Frontieres and the people are starving, literally starving. The same time anybody who dares oppose the dictator, the army, the security forces and his private murderer’s squad just disappears. I’m sure it will come the day people will find so many graves in Zimbabwe that will make even Bosnia look like a playground.

South Africa is organizing a regional summit next week but South Africa has lost credibility in the Zimbabwe issue long time now and you can blame the former president Mbeki for that. But is a good chance for the UN to regain their credibility not only in the area but the whole world. The UN was too eager to attack Iraq when Saddam invaded Kuwait but did nothing in '70s when Turkey invaded Cyprus and still occupying part of the Cypriot Democracy, was too slow in '90s to interfere in Lebanon and Palestine and is nowhere around nowadays when Mugabe is murdering a nation. Ki-Moon has proved himself only in receptions with Champaign and caviar is about time to do what his job description says, use every way to help people in peace and prosperity and Zimbabwean people could not be any further from that.

Robert Mugabe, the caricature Hitler of Africa, should negotiate about one and only one thing, where his court case is going to take place, in Harare or in Hague, in the International Court For Human Rights because Mugabe is guilty for genocide against his very own people, numerous murders, rapes, torturing and promoting racism. Oddly he is guilty for everything he’s accusing the others. With him there are a lot in Zimbabwe that will follow him and remember people like Tsvangirai have their share to what happens today in Zimbabwe, a lot of them including the leader of the opposition were supporters, followers and perhaps instruments of Mugabe in the past. The sure thing is that the best cure for the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe is Mugabe in a prison cell.

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Ian Smith2009-01-27 14:41:13
So why the crocodile tears now? You yourselves who raised him into power in 1980. You got what you wanted so now look at what you got. Next time you want something maybe you should not want.

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