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Liberty Is, As Liberty Does
by Leah Sellers
2009-01-23 10:01:15
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This week’s American Inauguration gave a Voice to the Soul-Song of Liberty.

A Pragmatic Poetry Man, a Visionary Man of Ideals, Promise and Possibilities is entering the White House. A House primarily built by and maintained by black slaves within a green and Revolutionary America. A Man who embraces and seeks to Bridge, Nurture and Sustain the Voices of cultural Diversity coursing through his veins, and the veins, arteries and Heart of this young, great and grappling Nation. A Man who has a deep Understanding of the necessity of, and the responsibilities of the Hope - the Hard Work and Sacrifice indwelling within the various Songs of Liberty extolling around the World today.

Great Voices interwoven within the pageantry of American and World History are reverberating within the Hearts, Minds and Souls of Humankind this Inauguration day. Reminding us of the importance of continuing to breathe Life into the Ideals and Opportunities inherent within the sacred words,....‘Liberty and Justice for All’.

In fact, this Historical Inauguration gives credence to the realization that America is what She claims to Be! That She is not a disintegrating, dying Carcass of decaying or empty Promises and Ideas. That Her Ideals and Principles - Her Institutions - Her Constitution and Bill of Rights and Forward Vision are still very much Alive and Evolving.

Just before the Inauguration, President Barack Hussein Obama paid homage to and sought Wisdom for the Nation and the World within the evocative memories which still echo within the portals of the Lincoln Memorial. And chose to drink from a glass once used by president Lincoln (much like a brave and purposeful knight taking a full draught of elixir from the Holy Grail - the iconic Cup said to contain the ‘cure for all societal ills). A Brilliant and Steadfast Servant of the People, who with his Hand upon the Lincoln Bible, swore to take upon his shoulders the Mantle of Hope and Goodwill of the American People - the World’s multicultural and multigenerational Peoples.

America is Breathing more deeply and easily today. America and the World are fully inhaling the sweet fragrances of this Moment in time - this Movement in Time. Her Energies are vibrant with the beautiful cacophony of Dreams, Visions, Wishes and Ideas of what might be - what Can Be in the near and distant Future. American Voices - the World’s Voices cry out - cheer out - Sing out the Realized Promise of Liberty, Freedom, Justice and Equality for All!

Choirs of Children - the Voices of the new generations - the Voices in training for what is to Be, are witnessing the wondrous (and hard won) Instruction of Examples and Promises made and kept of Liberty and Equality today at this Historical Inauguration.

Brain synapses spark, Hearts beat, accelerate and pound out, an emotional and ideological surge of individual and collective Energies. Energies of Expectation of things to be Invented, Created, Innovated, Built, Worked upon and Set into Motion for the days - the years to come.

President Obama, red tie at his throat, and chest (much like the red-breasted Robin - the Harbinger of Spring, New Beginnings and Renewal) honored the incumbent president, and America’s revered democratic and peaceful transition of power, while making it very clear that his administration would be one that seeks to Build and not Destroy - seeks Peace through civil and thoughtful discourse and Strong Alliances, not Chaotic Wars. An Administration that honors our troops, our fallen heroes, our national guardians as embodiments of Service. Men and women who have found, and still find, meaning in protecting and defending something greater than themselves.

The Pragmatic Poetry President, focused Our collective attention upon the fact that Our main question today regarding the influence of government within and upon our lives should be, “ Does It Work “, not whether or not it is too big or too small. But, ’Does It Work”?

He let the Masses know that Open and Free Markets are important, but that they are only a part of the Life’s Blood of Our great Nation and the World. That Workers, the Rights, and the creation and maintenance of jobs for Workers is equally important and must be taken into account. That Free Markets are to be an extension of Opportunity and the Common Good. But that unregulated Markets are prone to self corruption due to attitudes of entitlement, greed and misuse, which ultimately sabotage existing Opportunities and Common Good. Thusly, President Obama forewarned of protective regulatory measures to come. The Eyes of America are upon You!

President Obama asks All Americans to ’gladly seize a New Era of Responsibility’ - to ’give our All’ to the difficult tasks at Hand (economically, socially and globally) and still facing us. His Poetic Voice, with calm cadence, reminds Us that this is a joyous but sobering Time in Our History, and that ’God calls Us to shape an Uncertain Destiny’ with the Song - the Individual and Collective Chant of Intention, ‘Yes, We Can’!

President Obama’s far reaching Vision seems to embrace the Energies of the fiery Phoenix Wings of the American Eagle stirring the threads of History today. Rousing the Winds of Change that are Humming - are Singing through each thread of History’s vast Cosmic Tapestry. He is an inspirational symbol of what many people on Earth appear to think and feel is important and necessary for a Common Impetus of Purpose and Hope for the Future. President Obama, the Pragmatic Poetry Man, has indicated that Compassionate Action, Mercy, Individual and Collective Industry, Ingenuity and Responsibility, Thoughtful Discourse and Diplomacy toward Peaceful Outcomes, and the Building of Meaningful Relationships, Liberties and Opportunities for All are the Building Blocks needed for Future National and Global Societies to Survive and Thrive.

He is the Right Man Singing the Right Universal Soul- Song at the Right Time!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-01-23 23:50:01
To grapple with the question on the front cover, obviously the French thought so when they donated the statue of Liberty to the people of the US. After all they were the ones who proclaimed to the world, via a revolution to boot, "Egalitè, Fraternitè, Libertè," albeit one cannot but continue wondering how such a dream of universal brotherhood will ever be realized without Fatherhood.

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-01-24 00:07:41
To Ms. Sellers: Why don't you try to write poetry instead of a straight article? It would make much more sense.

Leah Sellers2009-01-24 06:07:30
Brother (Father) Emanuel,
Your point is cleverly made, Sir.
Hopefully, Obama's example will have some impact upon this national problem.
Also, most mothers have been responsible (no matter how dire the circumstance; father or no). So, those Sisters have created a strength (a Sisterhood, regarding motherhood) from which our society can (and
does) draw from.
All of Humankind will hopefully become healthier from the old familial trends being focused upon and recycled now, in the years to come.
Brother Mikhaylov, you hit the nail on the head - ha ! I am a born poet and songwriter. I was whistling and humming tunes from the age of two and writing poetry (with drawings included) from the age of five.
It is my nature to see, hear, smell, taste, feel and sense the Poetry in all things - in all people - in all animals - in all plants,..etc.. Even when writing articles, I cannot help myself.
So, please bear with my style, Sir, and rather look for the essence of what is being said. Please, separate the wheat from the chaff and the chaff from the wheat.
The Poetry within my Soul accompanies me everywhere, and has a tedency to interject itself in everything that I do. It's my unruly Best Friend - ha !
Blessings to you, and to the Voices of Poetry within your Souls as well, Brother Mikhaylov and Brother Emanuel

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-01-24 07:24:38
To Ms. Sellers: Of course, I agree to every point you have made, God Bless You but...take it easy, girl, OK?

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-24 08:31:23
Indeed, sister Leah, God being a spirit beyond gender, there is no necessity to think of God as a father. Mother will do just as well, the point being that brotherhood is inconceivable in a society that while emphasizing freedom fails to acknowledge its creaturerhood thus narcissistically and idolatrously worshipping its own image and intelligence. Freedom for freedom’s sake, by itself, as an ideological concept can become an idol too, for genuine freedom always answers to the question: freedom for what? On a psychological level, Jung had it on target with his insight that men who don't acknowledge the feminine principle of their soul tend to become bullies and Nazi types, while women who don't acknowledge the masculine driving principle tend to become shrinking violets. Harmony and maturity seems to be essential for us humans and the ancients seemed to know it better than us moderns looking down our nose at everything that has preceeded our era.

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