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Save the stranding Rohingya Boat- People
by Rohingya Human Rights
2009-01-22 10:04:10
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The US-based National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR-exile) is very much concerned about the tragic news of the stranding Rohingya boat-people who were treated beyond the international norms by the Thailand law enforcing Navy officials and urge the Royal Thai government authorities to treat the Rohingya boat-people seeking asylum who escaped from their homeland Arakan due to well-founded fear of persecutions, forced labor and other forms of discrimination which made their lives in hell.

The ethnic Rohingya people are the worst victims of human rights violations in Burma and they are deliberately declared stateless without justifiable ground by the military junta. Rohingyas are the victims of slow burning genocide and they have been excluded from all social, political and fundamental rights including denial of citizenship rights, severe restrictions on freedom of movement, marriage and religious performances, forced labor, rape, land confiscation, arbitrary arrests, torture, extrajudicial killings and extortion on daily basis. This impossible situation has constrained them to leave their hearths and homes in search of safe shelter and better life.

We, the members of NDPHR (exile) express our serious concern over the harsh treatment of the Rohingya boat-people by the Royal Thai security forces. Towing and forcing these helpless and highly vulnerable people back to the sea tying their hands without any foods in engineless boats to expose them to the risk of capsizing and sinking is a great merciless action made in utter disregard of international law and other international standards and practices. Report says one of such boats has capsized resulting in the death and missing of more than 300 people. It is not a solution at all.

We, the members and supporters of NDPHR (exile) sincerely urge upon the Government of Thailand and all those concerned to treat the stranding Rohingya boat-people humanly, and not to send the Rohingya asylum seekers back to Burma, where their lives will be in most danger. Instead they may be granted adequate protection and assistance on humanitarian ground.

Central Executive Committee
National Democratic Party for Human Rights (exile-HQ)
United States of America.
For further information, please contact:
U Myo Swe (Tel: 414- 467 0166)
U Kyaw Soe Aung (Tel: 414-736 4273)

Postal address: P.O. Box 210178, Queens, NY-11421, USA
Email: ndphrexile_usa_hq@yahoo.com
Tel: 1- 646 - 625 9407, 1- 414 - 736 4273, Fax: 1-414-817 0929

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Save Rohingya2009-02-18 11:57:36
visit my site saverohingya.com for contribute to solidarity.

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