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The Offspring of the Mighty King Cons
by Leah Sellers
2009-01-22 10:06:01
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Poor Bernie Madoff. A Mighty King Con finds himself caged. However, since he is a Mighty King Con, he is caged in the ‘lap of luxury’. That’s what happens to white collar criminals in America, and throughout the rest of the World. When caught, the Mighty King Cons pay their way into nicer prison accommodations or out of having to go to prison at all. They do not see themselves as having anything in common with ’common criminals’, and we all know (and seem to continue to go along with) the age old adage that ‘Money Talks‘.

So, in some subtle ways the Mighty King Cons like Mr. Madoff ‘Walk’ rather adeptly away from much of the pain and suffering that Society has no problem bestowing upon the rest of our ’common criminals’. What an Offspring of distorted Ripple Effects We have All contributed to and allowed to continue! All hail the Mighty King Cons!

Yes, while jauntily swinging from limb to limb from one Global Financial Jungle Tree to the next, one of the limbs broke, and Bernie, the Mighty King Con came a’ tumblin’ down to the harsh reality of the unforgiving ground. Yes, sooner or later, Gravity has the unrelenting habit of catching up with us all no matter how great or small.

But what about the Offspring of the Mighty King Cons? What happens to those raised by the charmingly seductive sociopathic Mighty King Cons?

In my experience, when the Mighty King Cons are not pounding their vainly puffed up chests with their hairy, bestial fists (and incongruously well manicured and buffed finger nails) - they’re pounding, pommeling and beating up (psychologically and/or physically) everyone who wittingly or unwittingly finds themselves within their territorial domains. Whether by genetic encoding or environmental circumstances, it is the Mighty King Con’s nature to Take and Control by and through unconscionable mental acuity, alluring manners and the gift of gab (they can sell snow to the Eskimos or talk the pants right off of you without your realizing it until someone calls out, “the Patsy has no clothes), or by shear brute force. The Mighty King Cons feel it is their right, and everyone else’s privilege, for them to Rule the Roost. When a Mighty King Con saunters into your life the cock has crowed thrice.

The Might King Cons ‘love’ the power money brings to them. They are Lovers of inanimate objects, not people. People are merely tasty tidbits to be gobbled up to the last morsel or Slaves to be used and abused, to quiet their voracious appetites for more power - more control. People, like everything else, become inanimate objects - things - toys to be played with and used to the Mighty King Con’s benefit and no one else’s.

The Mighty King Cons seek and (in the beginning) tacitly and politely demand subservience or the reverence of Others through the magnetism of their enticing personalities and indomitable Wills. Only then can their desires, whims and machinations come to full fruition. Some serpents will look you full in the eyes, hypnotizing, distracting, lulling you into a false state of indolence before striking you - filling you with sweet venom and finally swallowing you whole.

The Mighty King Cons took personalized lessons from these Jungle Serpents. The Mighty King Cons are masterful at discovering what will draw you in - what will put you under their brutish thumbs, and luring you in for the kill. They feed off of the dreams, wants, needs, desires and energies of Others without any intention of Giving anything back without a hefty price. ’You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours (for as long as it serves my underlying purposes)’ is their motto. The Mighty King Cons have no sense of loyalty and rarely, if ever, see themselves as thieving Liars, Betrayers, and Harbingers of Chaos. They claim themselves to be ‘astute and opportunistic’ purveyors of business as usual.

The Offspring of Mighty King Cons are merely extensions of - appendages of - attachments to Themselves (the Mighty King Cons). The Offspring are expected to move, bend, run around in circles, jump through hoops, and throw their bodies down upon the altars of the Mighty King Con’s Ego. Children, spouses (and everyone else) are merely accoutrements - objects of Ownership collected and expected to serve or add glory to the Host - the blinding sun - the Mighty, chest thumping King Con.

What’s in this tilted relationship for the Offspring? The Children learn to Dis-Trust and Mis-Trust themselves and others, and the World around them. The Offspring find themselves the tools - the puppets of someone they do not Respect, but fear. Every time the Mighty King Con orders them to do something - to perform some task - to allow themselves to be demeaned, beaten (psychologically and/or physically) or used, the Offspring’s Body may obey the command, respond unwillingly to the lash, give way to performing acts of servitude - but their Mind and Soul (if they have a conscience and are not Mighty King or Queen Cons in the making) seeth with confusion, anger, resentment and rebellion.

The Offspring become Dis-Trusters and Mis-Trusters of Authority of any kind. They fully understand the cruelty, hazards and hypocrisy of Tyranny - the abuse of power, and the appealing Masks that perpetually Hungry Power Mongers hide behind. The Offspring who have not been molded into Mighty King and Queen Cons seek Freedom from It - seek Liberty from the chaotic labyrinths and Worlds created by the Mighty King Cons.

If the Offspring implode/explode in unruly protest and rebellion they tend to ’act out’ with Self and Other destructive behaviors (drug/alcohol use, sexual exploits with multiple partners, dangerous sports or ’play time’ antics, failing or dropping out of school, inability to form lasting or meaningful attachments, Self and Other sabotaging and annihilating actions and non-actions ...etc.). In essence, they take on the shape and form of their Shadow Selves - their darker aspects. The damaged Offspring can become deformed and conflicted versions of the Mighty King Cons or they can implode/explode into Self Realization - Willing and Choosing to take on the Positive Aspects - the Enlightened Self of Themselves. They can become the Nemesis of the Mighty King Con. The Offspring can make it their Life’s Intention and Purpose to be everything the Mighty King Con is not.

Individually, Socially, Nationally or Globally the creation and interactions of the Offspring of the Mighty King Cons are no different. EveryOne, every City, every Nation that encounters a Mighty King Con becomes their victim - their pawn. Victims - Pawns -Wounded People will behave as victimized, misused and wounded Children (Offspring) until and unless they find the Will to effectively and positively Rebel against and Purify themselves of, by and through the Fires of Self Introspection, Reflection, Realization and Transformative Resurrection. Only then can the Offspring - can those Wounded by the careless maneuverings and activities of the Mighty King Cons become a daily Thoughtful CounterAction of Universal Love, Harmony and Balance between Giving and Taking, Ethical Wisdom, Forgiveness, Joy and Compassionate Action in opposition to every Mighty King Con’s narcissistically destructive and gluttonous action. They can become Healthy Survivors - the Spiritual Hand, Heart, Mind and Soul of Healing, Restoration and Positive Transformation juxtaposed against the pommeling, greedy, mercilessly self serving, pulverizing Fists and Force of the Mighty King Cons.

Bernie Madoff is but one of many Mighty King Cons. He is the governmental and media scapegoat ‘offered up’ for all of the other Mighty King Cons left swinging from one Global Financial Tree to another. He, his Offspring, his Wounded are but One of an exponentially growing multitude.

 Mr. Madoff, and all of the other Mighty King Cons, know that all Economic Systems are based on pyramid schemes. The monies made by the People at the bottom - the broad base of the pyramid - are sent up to the People at the narrow, itty-bitty top of the pyramid. Now the people at the top are supposed to allow the money to ‘trickle back down’ to the People at the broader levels, the base, the bottom of the pyramid. However, if the people at the top get narcissistically and deviously avaricious, and Make more - Take more money than they should - diffuse more money through unbalanced ’out-sourcing’ than they should - or hoard more than they should. If the People at the broader levels and base of the pyramid are making salaries that are below the over inflated (due to the people at the top) prices of things, the Middle Class and Smaller Businesses get squeezed out, and the People at the bottom can’t afford to buy anything. The People at the bottom become desperate about keeping a roof over their heads, food in their rumblin’ bellies, and sack cloth and ashes on their over burdened backs. Then the pyramid begins to destabilize and the ‘walls (along with the rest of Society) come ‘a tumblin’ down’.

All of the Mighty King Cons know this. The Global Economic pyramid schemes and the ponzei schemes are interchangeable. They know how to play and hide the pyramid/ponzei Economic Game for as long as possible until people start to ask about pulling their money out. That’s when the gig is up, and the Mighty King Cons take off with the loot, laughing out loud, as they’re swingin’ their way toward the next Global Financial Tree and their newest Banana Split Heist.

 In fact, that’s probably what happened to the Vanished Mystery Monies from the first phase of the United States’ TARP stimulus package. The Mighty King Cons in expensive suits and alligator shoes got paid off first. Possibly to hide their complicity (and duplicity) in the Empty Global Financial Roulette Games - the International pyramid/ponzei schemes. But it wasn’t enough. The Banks are still not lending to the roughly 95% of the under salaried, overly stressed Masses who find themselves going down with the sinking Pyramid Express.

 It’s the Offspring who Suffer. Individually, Socially, Nationally and Globally. And why are they made to suffer? For a Mighty King/Queen Con’s vanity, and sick, distorted want and need for more possessions (animate and inanimate) and more power? For a Mighty King/Queen Con’s complete lack of Conscience and total disregard for his/her fellow Human Beings, his/her (and Our) Country, his/her (and Our) World?

 Perhaps, we should try to invent another Economic/Social paradigm. Maybe an Economic/Social System based upon the geometric figure of a Circle. A Pyramid’s structure is hierarchal in nature, shape and form. A Circle is not. A Circle in which We are All standing upon a level Financial/Social Field. A Circle in which We are Aware of one another - fixing Our gaze Eye ball-to-Eye ball - Holding Hands, Hearts, Minds, and Souls - fully Conscious of the Human Lives we are interacting with. Geometrically, Equally, and Energetically interconnected with one another’s separate and individual Gifts, Talents, Intellects, Imaginations, Ingenuities, Ideologies, Ethical Wisdoms and Souls. Fully aware of what Each of Us brings to the Economic/Social Table. What One brings to All, and what All brings to One. What might that be like?

According to the teachings of Christ, no matter What we have done or Who we have been in the Past, what really matters is Who we are Now - What we are Now - in the Present - in this very statically dynamic Moment in Time and Space - and moving forward into the Future.

Bingle, Bangle, Bungle how will We choose to mold and shape Our Future Jungles? How can we more immediately Effect/Affect, Prevent and Heal the psychological and spiritual ever-hungry Voids in Children (Offspring) which create, form and perpetuate the Mindscapes, Ruling Power Games and Gameplaying of the Mighty King Cons? What can We do - can Society do to positively transform or divert the Bernie Madoff’s of the World? What would happen to the Cosmic Balance if We actually brought about the extinction of this bestial breed?

Bust or Boom, We must try - We must Work, Idealize and Realize Changing Our World for the Better. Bringing pieces and glimpses of the Heavens to Earth. For in the end, all We truly have is Ourselves and the Helping Hands, Hearts, Minds and Souls of Others. We are, all of Us, Primitively Divine Children - Offspring of Free Will living within and upon the Earth’s multifaceted and multidimensional Jungles of Eden.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-01-22 14:43:39
Indeed Leah, it is not the gold in the montain or in the bank that will do us in, but greed in the heart. As Melville put it in one of his poems:

Gold in the Mountain

Gold in the mountain,
And gold in the glen,
And greed in the heart,
Heaven having no part,
And unsatisfied men.

--Herman Melville

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