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Ovi Cookbook: Spaghetti with hot peppers
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-01-13 09:46:56
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The Christmas period is behind us and after all these gastronomic marathons we all did, it is time for something easy and definitely lighter!

spaghetti02_400What we need is:

½ kilo spaghetti No. 6
1 cup (250ml) olive oil
5 garlic cloves
4 little hot peppers
Parmesan cheese
Salt and black pepper
A handful of parsley

spaghetti01_400Chop the garlic and the hot peppers in to very small pieces and lightly fry them in the olive oil until the garlic pieces get a dark brown colour. Let the oil take all the flavour from the peppers and then you put them to one side.

Boil the spaghetti in salty water. When the water starts boiling add the parsley and let them boil depending on how you like them, a bit hard or really soft.

Then you strain the water and in the pot with the spaghetti you add the oil with the garlic and the hot peppers mixing them well adding a little black pepper.

Serve on a big plate with plenty of parmesan on the top. Serves four people and a cold white wine, especially with light flourish taste, is always nice.

Buon appetito, as the Italians say!

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