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Czech presidency: A blueprint to failure
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-01-09 09:24:34
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When a country member takes over the presidency of the European Union it always has a very ambitious agenda with the rest of the member countries ready to follow, but with the Czech Republic taking over the presidency things seem a bit different. Definitely all the countries members are watching but there is nothing good to expect and apparently this presidency is here to show that there is serious trouble in the club. Actually for the first time there must be members that remember Groucho Marx and his famous ‘I would never like to a member of a club that has me as a member!”

One of the ripples of the American invasion to Iraq has been the dichotomy of the European Union, actually it looks like a dichotomy but it really is a Union with too many little unions inside. The former Soviet republics of east Europe and the latest members of the union were the first to keep their distance confusing the European Union’s door with a door to the United States of America often becoming more loyal to the American administration than to their partners.

But like they say the fish smells from the head and in this case Mr. Barroso was the worst possible choice to hold the EU united, a man that failed in his own country took over the European unity and the task to coordinate twenty-seven countries with twelve of them new in the club. The European Union was never a tied and strict union, every member had a series of liberties but somehow in the end they all managed to coordinate and at least make a common appearance when it was coming to international issues.

Most of all they all knew that America was an ally but not exactly an ally and the commercial war sometimes was bloody. And what America for long wanted was to break this unity and the best way to do so was to have a voice inside the union. Well now America has plenty of voices, so strong that sometimes they confuse the interests of their own country with the interests of America and especially the certain administration, an administration that brings them back to the cold war so they can get their revenge to something dead two decades now! Oddly but this is the reality of the European Union today and this is why the Czech presidency is so critical.

The Czech republic is a satellite of the George W. Bush administration’s interests in Europe and part of his big return to the cold war plan and I have the feeling that the Czech president Klaus making a special prayer to George W. Bush three times a day before every meal. The man has already declared the EU presidency as ‘unimportant’ and representing the twenty-seven countries he dared say that Israel was in defence and that there were only some victims in Gaza ignoring all the televised pictures of the dead little kids.

The Czech Republic is the best prove of all the sceptics of the EU expansion and the failure of this expansion, countries that were not ready to join the European Union and they joined counting their profits in Euros ignoring the common good or the European unity and dignity. Doesn’t matter what the Czech Prime minister Mirek Topolanek and the Czech vice premier of the EU affairs Alexandr Vondra are saying the Czech republic just like Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania were not ready to join the EU and this minute the Czech president except embarrassing himself he embarrasses twenty-seven other nations and over half a billion Europeans. The man boycotts everything that has happened the last decade in effect to put the EU as a major player in the international scene, a major economic power and I feel really sad thinking that thanks god Nicolas Sarkozy is around to save some of our dignity!

The European constitution and the Lisbon Treaty failed mainly because the worries the expansion was bringing and unfortunately now we all know that there were right all the sceptics furthermore now with the example the failures and the disasters of the Czech republic – apparently they manage to do so in only few days from the minute they took over – can become the blueprint for a clear and better treaty.

The rotating presidential system has obviously failed and Mr. Barroso was a failure from the very beginning, Mr. Solana is a joke and all this must change soon, very soon. Except if what we want from the EU is a loose partnership but in this case no Czech president has the right to represent the other members except him – I have doubts if he even represents the Czech Republic! And definitely he is the worst choice to handle problems like the Russian gas issue or the Palestinian Israeli conflict, the man has missed the whole point and if he wants to follow George W. Bush example and remembered as one of the worst leaders that’s his problem but he cannot represent the million Europeans his seat allows him to do!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-01-09 14:59:34
This bring us back to the issue Christopher Wilkinson raised yesterday and banted about but not really discussed seriously: when a leader is elected democratically and legally, are his decisions to be carried out, albeit under protest and criticism? For example, Amas as a political party has been elected democratically and then decided to start sending rockets into Israel. Is such misguided decision good for the people they lead, should it be approved by them because simply because they democratically elected them? Which is to say, is democracy a mere fig leaf to be respected when it best suits the governed? Food for thought.

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