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Israel's P.R.
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-31 09:16:26
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If there is somebody who makes the best possible public relations for the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause this must be Israel, I mean the best P.R. ever! The moment the thoughts of all the western world is at Christmas and the joy of the kids everywhere, the moment all the west feels full of love and children's smiles, television screens are full of kids faces in blood, Palestinian kids! The moment the entire west thinking of peace and care live on television we watch funerals of kids and crying mothers in Gaza!

I don’t know what to say, whatever right Israel had to do these strikes is lost between the tears of the mothers and Israel has rediscover and obviously never learned that there is an enemy even more cunning than the suicide bombers, the television screens! These kids’ faces definitely anger the Arab world and definitely made the western world wondering and as I said before Israel proves that hasn’t learned from their mistakes. And then came the analysts!

Reading all the analysts was really fascinating, all of the ended in exactly the same conclusion, it was a demonstration targeting the new American president. Wow! If that was a demonstration then their P.R. is seriously in trouble! Well, not only their P.R. but their strategists as well! A demonstration for what? A demonstration of how they can kill innocent kids? A demonstration on how you can bomb innocent and send them to the Stone Age? People who live in poverty for over twenty years now?

The Israeli intelligence forces are supposed to be one of the best in the world and when they say that terrorists hide their weapons underground in some kind of building or another I’m forced to believe them, so if they have so good intelligence why do they have to bomb a whole area and kill so many innocent, they have proved in the past that they can deal with problems like that the quiet way. And then again a demonstration or warning to the new US president for what? Isn’t it Israel that depend on USA help or do the Israeli leaders think that the Israeli lobby in the capitol hill is so strong that they will persuade the congress and the American president that what we saw on television were not kids but seven and eight year-old terrorists?

Then again if that’s it now we have a new line of question that actually make Barack Obama correct to all he said during his long campaign. Has America learned to depend so much on the power of lobbies that it doesn’t matter what is right and wrong any more? Again more question raise. Doesn’t matter how right, fair, honest somebody is as long they have the money to lobby and influence situations which translates in, how corrupted American political life is?

If Palestinians are clever they should do nothing, absolutely nothing now, Israelis doing everything and in the end the whole world will hand Jerusalem to the Palestinians apologizing on their knees as well. Unfortunately the Palestinians have their own demons also that will give enough excuses to Israelis the next few weeks but then again, why? Why do they all have to be on this carousel repeating their mistakes again and again? And the rest of the world will give some warning waiting for the next …demonstration!

What remains to see is how Barack Obama will react and his honeymoon with the American people and the rest of the world I have the feeling is going to be a brief one. People will expect him to ignore the lobbies just like he said and see what is fair and right and most of all act. Act where all the former American presidents failed falling into the swamp of lobbies and geopolitical interests if not like George W. Bush into personal interests.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-31 14:16:05
Indeed what is going on is deplorable but it does take two to tango. If Amas were clever they would have respected the cease fire and done absolutely nothing, before, not after. But that is perhaps too much to ask in that part of the world. In any case, let us remember that this is on Bush's watch not Barack Obama who has no power as of yet to change anything. But as Biden predicted, he will be tested and the world is watching. It already is feeling the withdrawal symptoms of not having a straw man to throw shoes at and by which to express anti-Americanism. We do live in intersting times.

Sand2008-12-31 17:10:12
Verily intersting times when who is stung very quickly stings back. Eventually the stings are so serious that someone succumbs. No-one knows who in this instance but lots of people are suffering

Jack2009-01-01 01:28:45

Hamas is doing no favors for the Palestinians under their reign; launching rockets,unprovoked, into Israel. Israel responded with much more severity, no doubt, but a truce must work both ways. You can't condemn one side without the other. Who fired first!? Either way, a truce is necessary. If it continues, who can blame Israel from continuing to attack?

Yes, as you say:

"whatever right Israel had to do these strikes is lost between the tears of the mothers..." is true,

but "these [same] mother's tears" are also falling from Jewish mother's eyes, true?

bohdan2009-01-01 06:20:19
The Middle East

--- It continues to be the longest recorded history of our world.

An eternal history of war for the "Promised Land", fueled by Power, Greed, and Hate.

Our "gift" for generations to come.

We are still savages, that's the bottom line.

How sad.

Jack2009-01-01 06:48:10
Indeed, Jerusalem, which means King of Peace, has not lived up to it's name, yet. A city that has endured hundreds of wars over thousands of years.

Sand2009-01-01 07:19:32
Since it has been recorded that perhaps one Israeli has been killed by Hamas rocketry in protest to turning Gaza into an equivalent to the Nazi Warsaw ghetto and approaching 300 Palestinians have been killed and around 800 Palestinians have been injured in Israel's attempt to retain its military reputation after the debacle in Lebanon, one must question Israel's sense of proportion over it's very violent reaction on a civilian population.

Jack2009-01-01 19:28:29
Yes, it the killing is out of proportion, for sure, but I have often noted that the fatalities reported by the Palestinians are exceedingly higher (ie, the 300 you mentioned)that what the U.N. and other news media have given (which is far fewer in numbers). Propaganda is everywhere. How can both be right?

If someone was sending rockets into your New York City neighborhood or whereever you live, would be we be immediately concerned with "overly proportinal" retaliations and try to tone it down? It is hard to think logically and to try and match shot for shot when you are under attack. Regardless, both sides need to call a truce since both sides are still attacking...and who cares who started the 1st shot. Who first the last one is more important at this juncture.

Sand2009-01-02 00:06:16
It is common knowledge that this murderous assault on people imprisoned in Gaza was planned six months before and the reaction to the rockets (which have done little damage) is merely a bad excuse for the vengeful aerial operations on a relatively helpless civilian population.

Jack2009-01-02 18:20:00

The "relatively helpless civilian population." is not whom I'm speaking about. Neither the Hamas nor the Israelies are helpless. Now the Palesinians, they are the helpless ones...I had always thought that those who are ruled are the helpless ones?
The Palestinians are not firing the rockets, right? But they are suffering retaliation for it.

These rockets "which have done little damage" would not be called little by any parent who lost their child in the school hit in Israel. It is not little when someone dies or the nation is terrorized by continuous rocket fire...

Neither side is guiltless. No doubt, both sides need a truce, finger pointing or blaming is useless while the killing continues.

Sand2009-01-02 20:20:27
Let me put it this way. When a bank robbery or a mugging is committed in a neighborhood the whole neighborhood is not jailed or subject to police punishment. Gaza is being very heavily assaulted and prevented from getting food and medicines because the Israelis object to the democratic vote in favor of Hamas. Collective punishment was a favorite ploy of the Nazis in WWII and is now accepted as an international crime.

Jack2009-01-04 00:23:54

I am not in total disagreement with you. Humanitarian aid [via a UN security force?] should bring immediate relief to the Palestinians.

And, you are right, they had a "democratic vote in favor of Hamas." but was this vote on the condition or with the foreknowledge that Hamas would also launch missiles into Israel [for the last 8 years, rockets launches into Israel, one after another, albiet not all from Hamas].

But certainly neither is Israel absolved. It has obviously over-retaliated and should allow a nuetral force or a Palestinian force to temporarily rule or at the least allow humanitarian aid to be delivered.

A prolonged occupation of Gaza is not in Israel's nor in Palesitine's best interest. This has already caused worldwide demonstrations that are only going to bring an even greater outrage after today.

Sand2009-01-04 08:04:27
There are articles detailing the Israeli political motives involved in the current attack on Gaza. See http://www.counterpunch.org/avnery01022009.html

You should read them.

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