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Wishful thoughts
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-29 08:27:44
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I wish I had woken up today and wrote a letter to Santa Claus thanking him for all the presents I got yesterday, thanking him that walking out in the street everybody was smiling, that there were no Mugabe in this world, that there was no war and the only terrorism we have to deal with is the one of the sweets and the dentists.

Wishful thoughts you might say and thank you for keeping me on the ground. But we shouldn’t things be so simple? Whoever you ask they will answer that they want world peace, that they don’t want kids die, they don’t want anybody die, they don’t want anybody starving, they don’t want anybody thirsty and it is not the spirit of the days that brings these wishful thought, I want to believe that this what just everybody is thinking just everyday! 

So why? Why nothing of these coming true? Why do I have to read on the news today that 70% of the population in Zimbabwe literally starves and that there are families there that live for days with a piece of bread? Why do I have to see faces of tortured and raped women from all around the world, why do I have to see pictures of kids begging for food? You see this is the moment in my fifties when I cannot see any answers and I wish there was Santa Claus. I wish there was even hope because this is what the spirit of the days is all about, hope!

But then again the only ones who seem to have hopes are the car industry, the bankers, the stock holders because even the states that they are oblige to give hope to the people have forgotten how it is. And the odd thing is that these states are made of people, George W. Bush has kids and family and his kids came to the same world my kid lives, why isn’t he scared as I am, does he think that his kids will live in a protective bubble where all the troubles and all the problems will keep away? How many times life has proved the opposite? It doesn’t matter how rich and how famous you are troubles find you everywhere. So why doesn’t he do something to help his own kids first of all, for selfish reasons!

Why the executives of all these banks cannot see that nothing, absolutely nothing is guaranteed and that we are all chained to each other in this planet that if something bad happens to me one day will find him or her. Why can’t they see that the Mugabe of this world harm all of us because all of us are Zimbabweans. Why for fifties years this ‘why’ instead of getting smaller it becomes bigger and bigger. Why the things I was asking for and screaming about in 70s have become more necessity in 2008? But worst of all why I cannot see hope a light in the dark tunnel nowadays?

The youth is rebelling in Athens and others in major European cities have got the spirit, this is the generation with no hope and young people without hope or dreams is a society that dies. And we are all responsible of it, in their case we killed Santa Claus, we became in our little small world Mugabe demanding obedience throwing them in a constant silent night! And I’m afraid that this temporary silent night will become eternal dark night. 

The news are talking about recession but this recession has touched the minds and the spirits and there is no financial help that make them recover, the only thing that might help is team effect. After we all realize that we are all Zimbabweans then we must realize that is up to us to stop and overthrow every single Mugabe of this world and then you never know, we might, I say we might become Santa Claus ourselves.

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Get it off your chest
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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-29 15:22:02
But, with all due respect to secular visions of salvation, there is indeed a star in the dark sky which begins to appear as soon as we realize that no secular salvation and no Santa Claus bringing material gifts will ever restore it to us, that such hope transcends even space and time and to help us grasp it “he became flesh and dwelt amongst us and he was the light of the world and the darkness did not overcome it.” If that is a lot of humbug, as the secularists who parade Santa for Christmas proclaim, then, at the very least, so are their secular mirages of prosperity a la Hobbes’ s Leviathan.

bohdan2008-12-29 20:32:33
I wish we could all have thanked him the day after for a worldwide gift of Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Sand2008-12-30 05:14:25
Two thousand years of futile manipulation by religion leaves us with a world full of brutality and ceaseless conflict and a very rich Vatican.

Emanuel Paparella2008-12-30 06:10:02
Ah, the nostalgia for the Saturnalia by the neo-pagan. The pagan of old new no better, the new one gives up two thousand years of civilizing influence of the Judeo-Christian ethos and becomes a cultural philistine. Indeed, corruptio optima pessima.

Sand2008-12-30 16:11:20
What a strange concept of civilizing influence.

Emanuel Paparella2008-12-30 18:05:01
Withouth it, I am afraid you'd still be running in the northern woods with fellow cultural philistines and former barbarians attending to your survival and material needs and bodily functions (the poetic of defecation) and oblivious of the better things that civilization offers for the intellect and the spirit.

Sand2008-12-30 18:40:03
Ah yes. getting back to peaceful basics and not rampaging through the Middle East with all those culturally sophisticated Crusaders raping women, stealing treasures, chopping up non-Christians with my blessed sword. Civilization can be strenuous.

Sand2008-12-30 18:43:01
On second thought, since Christians don't shit or have other bodily functions, how do they manage to contain all that food they gobble up during their lifetimes? Or is that one of your idiotic dreams again?

Emanuel Paparella2008-12-30 20:20:51
Is that what the visiting night voices told you? Don't believe them; they are slanderous types and are up to no good and makes you look idiotic too.

bohdan2008-12-30 23:07:19
Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Sand2008-12-31 07:38:01
Paparella, your standard cliche´reply is most unChristian.

Emanuel Paparella2008-12-31 13:47:03
You need to change your simple-minded shallow, biased,caricaturizing cliche of Christianity you peddle in this forum. The ax is ground enough, or is it an obsession of yours?

Sand2008-12-31 17:37:41
Goodness gracious, Paparella, it certainly is taking you a while to turn that other cheek. How unChristian can you get? I do believe the whole concept has escaped you entirely.

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-01 16:14:33
On the one hand one blames Christianity for all that is wrong with Western Civilization, on the other hand one blames those who don't follow Christian principles. Sounds like a multiple personality disorder to me. Or is it perhaps simply having the chocolate cake and eating too?

Sand2009-01-01 17:30:50
Why Paparella!!! Do you mean that my misconceptions about Christianity prevent you from acting like a good forgiving Christian? I had no idea I had such power over you.

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-02 19:51:34
Are you saying that you agree with the principles but don't agree with those who subscribe(or perhaps don't subscribe) to them? What exactly are you saying. Do you know yourself?

Sand2009-01-03 07:13:04
I don't have to agree with your stated principles to point out that you don't follow them. Your open hypocrisy is clear evidence of your total lack of integrity.

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-04 20:27:32
Jung called it "projection" and he was right on target when it comes to those who are too enthusiastic in pointing out faults that they themselves exhibit and are loath to honestly appropriate their own shadow.

Sand2009-01-04 22:01:10
I don't have any Christian faults since I am not a Christian. It's you that has not learned to turn the other cheek since you claim to be a Christian. Every other word to me from you is disparagement of one kind or another

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-05 06:42:21
Jung point proven, thank you. Where did you get the idea that Christianity is equivalent to masochism? In any case to be able to judge as a non-Christian you need to know which are the Christian principles by which I stand condemned. And that's the rub: you don't have the foggiest besides a few simple cliches and caricatures that you keep peddling in this forum and defending with slanderously juvenile arguments ad hominem parading as rational well reasoned propositions. Isn't it time to cease and desist?

Sand2009-01-05 08:47:31
Turning the other cheek is quite easy to understand and your refusal to do so is not difficult to perceive.

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-05 10:00:49
If all Christians were to turned the other cheek to the bullies of this world, they would immediately be condemned as idiots and losers by the same Machiavellian bullies.

Sand2009-01-05 10:46:27
Absolutely. Nevertheless,if you claim to be Christian, that is your problem.

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-05 11:26:32
Point proven. Thank you.

Sand2009-01-05 17:14:27
And the point, of course, is that either you're not a Christian or you're a hypocrite.
There isn't much difference.

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-05 19:32:36
So logically, if I am not a Christian I am like you who is not a Christian and does not subscribe to Christian principles. Having observed your scurrilous performance in this forum all I can answer is thanks, but no thanks. By the way, one does not have to be a believer to act in a civilized manner.

Sand2009-01-05 20:06:12
No! Not at all. Thee are many ways of not being a Christian and you are not like me at all! You are much more like a non Christian bullfrog burping in a stagnant pond of fetid ideas. Horrors. Not like me at all.

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-06 10:14:57
That is for sure. Not like you AT ALL!

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