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But seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-28 11:05:39
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It seems that dictators and future dictators don’t get it and never have holidays like busy little ants. And while in Guinea they were burying the former dictator who ruled the country for twenty four years a coup started and long live the new dictator! President Conte’s coffin – always fascinates me that dictators give to themselves democratic titles – anyway, President Conte’s coffin was parading in the capital of Guinea and captain Moussa Camara was reaching to foreign leaders to announce that he took over with a natural for the region coup, another fascinating thing, these people they think that they practice democracy!

Of course, the international community condemned the coup but then again haven’t they done the same with the former ‘president’ and they had done a show for twenty four years but he was there till the moment he died from a natural death in his presidential bed! And we are talking about a twenty year-plus dictator who doesn’t want to move, my mind went to Mugabe straight away. Doesn’t matter the number of dead that increases day by day, doesn’t matter the total economic catastrophe of the country that will be in history as the example that reached the bottom and doesn’t matter the cholera that kills the ones that Mugabe cannot finish the man still says that Zimbabweans love him and that he is the father figure!

Another father answered to him and the same time he said some things that should feel everybody in the region feel embarrassed and I’m talking about the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a holy man who earned the respect from everybody during the struggle against apartheid in South Africa who said that there is no time left, Mugabe must go as soon as possible and he emphasized the series of mistakes South Africa has done in this crisis.

To my opinion what South Africa and especially what Mbeki, the former South African president, has done is not just a mistake but crimes that make him an accomplice. People like Mbeki kept Mugabe to their place and somehow gave him power and let him continue crimes against humanity that no court on this earth will be able to determine and punish him enough. And remember Mugabe is not alone; there is a murderous squad in Zimbabwe that kills, rapes and tortures every single minute people in this poor country.

In Zimbabwe there is no time for negotiations and there is no time to let Mugabe out of the whole thing peacefully, this minute the deaths of hundred people demand justice and there is only one justice for Mugabe and his squad, a prison cell for the rest of their miserable lives where they will have to deal with their conscious and guilt every single minute. What we miss to understand is that as long Mugabe is ruling Zimbabwe he will be a problem and an embarrassment not for Zimbabwe only but for the rest of the world and it is our obligation to do something about it. Do you hear me Mr. UN General Secretary or are you still partying?

Ki-Moon will be remembered in history as the fake General Secretary of the United Nations the man who confused parties with people of different nationalities with the work of the United Nations and the man who thought that his job description was to host or attend parties. He managed to prove that every other General Secretary was better and even the thought of Tony Blair to take over sounds reasonable.

And talking about Tony Blair, dictators and UN I don’t know why but my mind went to the Iranian puppet president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! Channel 4 in UK decided to let him give a …Christmas message! I know all of you suddenly feel shivers but is true. The man appeared on British television and talked about love and world peace! I didn’t see it so I’m not sure if the tops of nuclear bombs appeared behind him and I’m not sure if he mentioned peace in Iraq but he is a puppet and you don’t expect much for him, do you?

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-28 16:56:11
In case the reader is wondering where Tony Blair had disappeared lately, he was at Yale University recently co-teaching a course in the Department of Religious Studies on the importance of Christianity within Western Civilization. Which proves that conversions and u turns are always possible within man’s freedom. Anti-religion cynics will undoubtedly exclaim “humbug” to all that, but on the other hand we ought to remember that Uncle Scrooge too eventually came to his senses, aided by the night voices of Christmas…, and ultimately recognized that same importance, albeit on a merely intellectual level. Ought we not give all the Uncle Scrooges of our day the benefit of the doubt?

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