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RIP: Harold Pinter
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-27 11:35:22
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Finding out that Harold Pinter had died saddens me, especially after returning to his speech when he accepted the pinter01_400Literature Nobel Prize and all the controversy he caused. I was the one who wrote a couple of articles about Pinter over the last few years and apart his writing achievements I liked the man for his activism and political views.

For the ones who might not remember Harold Pinter winning the Literature Nobel Prize in 2005, despite the fact that his political activism had kept him away from writing over the last few years, he was suffering from cancer even when it came the time to accept this superior honour he was not able to be there but his speech was a political manifest of the times and what happens, accusing even the prime minister of the time, Tony Blair for lying to the British people and unfairly invading Iraq!

His plays like ‘The Caretaker’ and the ‘Homecoming’ are classics and will be part of the human culture for ever and here in Ovi we feel obliged to write these few words for a man we should never forget for too many reasons; not only for the things he wrote and done but for his influence on things we write and will do!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-27 16:08:01
Indeed we have lost a great dramatist, but we ought not to forget that behind him there is the enormous influence and power of the work of Samuel Beckett. It was Pinter himself who acknowledged that much with this statement: "Beckett is the most corageous remorseless writer going, and the more he grinds my nose in shit, the more I am grateful to him."

Sand2008-12-27 17:28:35
The entire Pinter Nobel speech can be found at http://www.counterpunch.org/pinter12262008.html

It describes in fascinating detail the brutalities foisted on the world by the United States government well before G.W.Bush became president.

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