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Four years illustrated
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-20 09:56:55
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Ovi magazine becomes four years-old today and I’m not going to escape clichés and comparisons but I have a very good reason that nothing can change or take from me, Ovi magazine and my daughter have the same age. Not the day we first appeared online, which was December 20th 2004, but when we first talked about it, when we started meeting and deciding contents and the blueprint of what you see today.

And I have proof for that, I have photos with John holding my days old daughter after one of these first meetings - I still have his voice in my mind, “I have never seen or held a baby so young!” and he kept saying it again and again. For the ones who don’t remember or don’t know, John is one of the founders of the Ovi magazine and he might not write at the moment but he is with us all the time. You see all it took was a phlegmatic Brit, an impulsive Greek and a romantic cowboy to make what you read this minute and Ovi magazine is all that and much, much more.

Ovi magazine nowadays is so much more and it is thanks to all of you, contributors and readers. It’s the ideas and the arguments, it’s the theories and the thoughts, it is a live organism that many times drags us along. There were times that both of Asa and I felt tired, offended and treated unfair and there were times both of us felt that we had had enough. Hate mails and personal attacks don’t add very well especially when they give you no chance to answer or react in their most often anonymity, we even found blogs dedicated to us! There were even states that honoured us with their rubbish but then you get one simple mail from Zimbabwe with a very simple thank you and you feel, right I must be doing something right!

None of us ever said that we know everything and for four years we unveiled personal thoughts and personal opinions but all of us, and let me say it loud hoping that it represents all the contributors of the Ovi magazine; we are doing so strongly believing in democracy, in freedom of speech, in equality, in a better world without discriminations and prejudice. We are getting angry and sometimes our voices are screams but we do that because our love is strong as well. We love with passion and Ovi magazine has always been that, a passionate love, love for freedom, love for a world with hope and dreams.

Ovi magazine gave space for all the voices, from Afghanistan to United States and all the sides, from the American marine serving in Iraq to demonstrating in the streets of Athens. Ovi magazine and if you notice I do emphasize its uniqueness in the sense that it has a life of its own beyond Asa and me, gave the chance to people to write, illustrate, paint, photograph and see their work published and all that voluntarily which makes the cause even more valuable.

In a personal level and here I can talk about my self only, I was first of all honoured from the friendship of people that I never met; people who live in different continents miles away and I feel comfortable to talk to them or about them like we know each other for years; I feel honoured when people write to me or talk about something I wrote and for that you all have my deepest gratitude. And finally I feel grateful to all these friends who joined me in my worries for the kids that suffer and die day after day somewhere in this earth, for the people who have to deal with the Mugabes of this world. I feel grateful to friends who joined me and saw art as part of life and not something untouchable, who realized that sports are not hooliganism and bulling who know that after all these thousands of years it is our turn to do something for the environment we destroyed.

My little daughter has grown in the day-care nowadays, speaks two languages and learns a third ready to explore the world fascinated with everything new she discovers. Ovi magazine on its side speaks a lot of different languages and has discover that there is hope however controversy this might be and we are here all of us, all these people who contribute to defend hope for a better future.

Thank you all

Thanos Kalamidas

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Eva2008-12-20 10:37:18
As one of your readers of 4 years - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OVI!
I look forward to the next 4 :)

Jack2008-12-20 21:51:44
HAPPY 4th-BIRTHDAY OVI! I believe that your caregiving to this dream and the one many of us have held in our arms(as a father & grandfather I have had such joy) has certainly come true. Like my children, they just mature and grow more beautiful every year. Every year just seems to make it better...much like a fine wine. So, CHEERS and congratultions Ovi, and on to 09'.

bohdan2008-12-21 08:33:13
We all thank you Thanos and Asa.

AP2008-12-22 04:33:22
Happy Birthday Ovi!

Luis Alves2008-12-22 23:38:29
Happy birthday Thanos, Asa, Emanuel, Alexandra, Linda, Sand, Eva, Jack , Bohdan and ALL the Ovi Team!
Hope this space can brighten also next years.

Onnea Thanos, Asa, Emanuel, Alexandra, Linda, Sand, Eva, Jack , Bohdan ja KOKO Ovi Team!
Toivon että tämä tila valaisee myös seuraavat vuodet.

Feliz Aniversário Thanos, Asa, Emanuel, Alexandra, Linda, Sand, Eva, Jack , Bohdan e TODO o Ovi Team!
Desejo que este espaço possa abrilhantar também os próximos anos.

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