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A Sarah not to forget
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-19 09:39:29
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I know that you will say that I have a …certain annoyance with things, such as nuclear plants, and people, including Mugabe, but the other day while checking a lot of magazine's Persona Of The Year I started thinking about it quite a lot and of course my mind went to all the people who have impressed this last year with their presence and their actions.

So there is one person who didn’t have much luck on the covers as the Persona Of The Year and is not going to be as Ovi magazine’s Persona or Event Of The Year – not that we know yet, we haven’t decided but she lacks votes – but I thought that somehow I had to remind that she did put an impression for the year 2008 and I’m afraid we will see her again in the next few years. This ‘I’m afraid’ was literally correct and as most of you might already guessed I’m talking about the Governor of Alaska and hopeful Vice-President for the Republican Party Sarah Palin.

Before I continue I want to apologize if my comparisons are a bit edgy or provocative but seriously every time I’m thinking about this woman I feel shivers on my spine and I have to admit that in a very twisted way she scares me. Let me put it in another way, after WWII a lot of historians, analysts and profilers admitted that everything was there in bare view, everything Hitler did or said, all his actions even the most notorious and inhuman were recorded years ago from Hitler himself. He had said everything in chilling detail it was just that nobody took him really seriously and just like most of the criminal minds he followed everything he said to the word. I said I was going to be provocative.

In Sarah Palin’s case it is not what she said, it is actually what she didn’t say but let it float, let us guess or assume; it was this white hockey mother mated with the six-pack Joe that brought all the presumptions because the images were just too strong and somehow there was nothing ideal about them. Every time she mentioned this hockey mom identity joined by Joe six-pack I had the feeling that a cross was burning and you know very well what I mean. Watching her in speeches I had the feeling that every time she was referring to Barack Obama she was going to use the wrong word and when she actually called him a terrorist and pally with terrorists I could feel her satisfaction, she actually had found a way to swear at him and be politically correct at the same time.

The woman had no respect to democracy for the simple reason that she had no respect to the opposition something her running mate John McCain had and I’m afraid she was one of the reasons he lost. Sarah Palin is not clean, I think all the stories from Alaska are true, the woman used her power for a family revenge and she is definitely involved in all these small and big scandals we heard about but she is arrogant to ignore what the people say believing that she had every right to do what she did. Again history has shown another person who was equally arrogant. Worst of all she manipulated democracy to her advance just like this other person. Every time anybody pointed that was crossing the lines with the things she was saying she was talking about freedom of speech, every time somebody accused her for overdoing it she was asking if that was because she was a woman and she was crossing all the lines all the time.

She used and still uses as her main weapon fear, she had the nerve to stand and accuse the candidate for the Presidency of the USA for being a terrorist and that to a nation seriously wounded for terrorism, if she had called him serial killer it would have been better. But she didn’t care, she didn’t care if she was dividing the people and creating hate we don’t know what is going to bring in the next few years. she arrogantly stood there blood, white, a hockey mom and accused her opponent as terrorist ignoring the fact that Barack Obama would have never reach this place if he was a bit more liberal to what he is.

So what the future will bring? I can only hope that the American democracy will prevail and put Ms. Palin in the right place, in the bad memories history books and never bring her back, unfortunately I’m not sure, I’m afraid that Sarah Palin will return just like the dark empire did and that means we need a Skywalker to defend her.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-19 14:45:29
Indeed, she will not be forgotten for two reasons: in the first place the media, for some bizarre reason, continues to pay attention to her; which in turn raises some questions about a media who continues to focus on somebody of such low intellectual standing that not only cannot use correct syntactical constructions (such as Bush) but cannot even put a complete sentence together, she just throws out words with no logical connection between them and then gives you a blank look when you give a puzzled look as if you should be embarrassed for not understanding. Now, a media that continues to focus on somebody who exhibits that linguistic/psychological phenomenon without ever analyzing it carefully, gives ground for suspicion that it too has descended to a pretty low intellectual and cultural level; this is not to disparage the many excellent journalists that are still around, thank God. (continued below)

Emanuel Paparella2008-12-19 14:46:05
Secondly, she will not be forgotten for another reason: the Western intelligentsia needs a constant straw man, or a straw woman as the case may be, on which to vent its ideological frustrations. There is a nasty intellectual habit of blaming America for anything that goes wrong in the world; that habit unfortunately is just too ingrained and with the election of Obama many are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Consider the fact that President elect Obama has not taken office yet and he is already being criticized by the extreme left and the extreme right of that intelligentsia (the “enlightened” ones who think they are the solution but in fact part of the problem) for having appointed too many moderate left of center politicians; in other words, people who are not ultra-liberal to the extreme left. That in itself is a sign that Obama is exactly where he needs to be, for when persons and institutions (such as the Church, for instance) get vehemently attacked by both the left and the right, one can be pretty sure that they are in the right place and are doing something right.

Alan2008-12-19 20:21:38
"The Anchorage Daily News is reporting that Wasilla resident Sherry Johnston, mother of Levi, has been arrested Thursday at her home by Alaska State Troopers as part of an undercover drug investigation. Johnston’s son Levi was thrust into the national spotlight in September when Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced that her daughter Bristol was pregnant and Levi was the father.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that Sherry Johnston was charged with second-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance (“generally manufacturing of delivering drugs”) as well as a possession charge. Details about the type and amount of drugs were not released.

Bill McAllister, a spokesman for Gov. Sarah Palin, declined to comment on the Anchorage Daily News report, telling ABC News in an email that it is not a state government matter."

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