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Ovi is four: A poem
by The Ovi Team
2008-12-20 09:53:27
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Four years ago a Brit, a Yank and a Greek
Created something orange and unique
They had no idea how it would expand
But the best things aren't usually planned

They champion opinion and freedom of speech
They encourage debate and try to teach
Everybody is welcome to share their views
So long as it doesn't descend into abuse

Ovi wouldn't be here with their team
Each of whom they hold in high esteem
Writing about politics, culture and more
They help embody our esprit de corps

They have faced copycats and email hate
And other tests to their emotional state
But they stay the course and will not waiver
Because ignorance has a bitter flavour

They can't believe it is Ovi's fourth birthday
And even though it may sound terribly cliché
Time has gone by incredibly fast since the start
Becoming a project extremely close to their heart

They thank you all for your participation
In their daily non-profit creation
Everyday we continue to thrive
And very soon we'll be celebrating five!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-20 10:20:22
Happy birthday Ovi. Happy birthday Asa. The best is still to come for maturity is all. Long live free speech, respect for others' opinions and for truth. All that is exemplified by Ovi. It was what attracted me to the magazine in the first place and made me decide to contribute to it. Once again, happy birthday.

Luis Alves2008-12-22 00:48:49
Happy birthday Thanos, Asa, Emanuel, Alexandra, Linda, Sand, Bohdan and ALL the Ovi Team!
Hope this space can brighten also next years.

Onnea Thanos, Asa, Emanuel, Alexandra, Linda, Sand, Bohdan ja KOKO Ovi Team!
Toivon että tämä tila valaisee myös seuraavat vuodet.

Feliz Aniversário Asa, Emanuel, Alexandra, Linda, Sand, Bohdan e TODO o Ovi Team!
Desejo que este espaço possa abrilhantar também os próximos anos.

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