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But seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-17 09:05:07
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It looks like the Americans weren’t very happy with the damage in the European banks so they decided to export some more damage or better create a fraud that cost the European banks a few billion. It’s a weird feeling, like they are cleaning their backyard until the president takes over and they throw all their rubbish to the neighbour’s yard. And this time they make no discrimination, old Europe and new Europe it is equal on getting all the trash!

And talking about exporting goods Greece lately is the centre of a European scare of exporting youths’ raids. The Greek prime minister in a critical conference for the Greek media mentioned that he understands the young people’s frustration about their future especially now with the economic crisis touching them he forgot the …touch the budget for the next year leaving education and unemployment out of any increase but he definitely increased the salaries of the police. However the troubles continue in Athens and other major cities with police stations becoming the main target.

But the funniest moment of these all was what happened with the Greek national television; while the afternoon news anchorman was commenting on what the prime minister said the same morning in the parliament at group of young people, obviously students took over the television studio and unveiled a banner saying, stop watching television and reclaim the streets! Inspiring slogan with too many recipients, you see the last few years even the revolution starts and ends in front the television screen with cold beer and chips.

But then again a television man can become news and make all the Iraqis enjoy some moment on television even from their sofa, and that was the man who threw his shoes at George W. Bush the other day. The news are pretty bad about the poor man since the security forces of Iraq with a little help from their American friends shown him the beauty of their hospitality breaking his arm and a few ribs without anybody knowing in details what else. But the man has become a hero for the Iraqi people who did reclaim the streets demonstrating for his freedom.

Freedom is something the people of Zimbabwe definitely need to reclaim and as I have many times said it looks quite unlikely to succeed alone. Cholera was the final hit for the suffering nation and despite all the effect from Robert Mugabe and his murderous squad to blame the British and personally Gordon Brown the number of the dead increases dramatically overcoming in any hour the 1,000 dead. And now according the news coming from Zimbabwe they started killing each other the members of the murderous squad with latest the attempt to kill Mugabe’s air force chief. Is like the mafia wars just in this case except twisted criminals we have to do with idiots as well. Apparently I hope when the time comes Mugabe will be charged as serial killer and mass murderer.

And talking about mass murders, an Iraqi doctor is convicted of plotting to kill people with car bomb attacks on central London and Glasgow Airport. Amazing this thing coming from a person who swore to protect human life under any circumstances; that shows how trouble the times we live are. The Hippocratic Oath for thousands of years relegates medicine people from all the world and dedicates them to the wellbeing of human life except obviously fanatics! How sad!

But talking about relegate, it looks like in South Africa it came the time people don’t feel relegate to the Congress party anymore and a new party raised from the ones who left the ANC and created a new party which is open to all racial groups and it is there to bring the change. Oddly the new party that is going to oppose the African National Congress is called Congress of the People; obviously South Africa has a lot to congress for! 

At the moment on earth scientists are in congress especially after the latest discovery that Titan, the haze-shrouded moon of Saturn displays evidence of ice volcanoes and I know that I will sound …not very scientific but at least in Titan there is no global warming fear but let’s wait to see if there is life.

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