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Poke 'Em With a Stick (Behavior Modification Plan)
by Leah Sellers
2008-12-16 10:03:24
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One Mighty King Con Elitist Winks at another Global Mighty King Con Elitist, “That’s right, I said, Poke ‘Em With a Stick! Show Them critters whose Boss! Get Those varmints movin’ - stampedin’ - to the left, to the right! Run ‘Em till They’re ragged, dazed and confused and have lost all Their Fight - or go mad with fright! That’s when You know you’ve got ‘Em right where you want ‘Em. That’s when They’ll carelessly strike out at and thoughtlessly hurt and try to destroy the closest things to Them - Their Families - Their Friends - Their Neighbors - Their Work - Their Townships - Their States - Their Nations. Poke ‘Em With a Stick! Keep ‘Em reactive - fearfully Reactionary. Keep it up - don’t let ‘Em rest and We’ll have ‘Em eating out of the palms of Our manipulative Hands.”

Civil Unrest, Anarchy, Social Entropy, Catalytic Outbursts and War all work toward Our advantage! Yes, fellow Global (Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Banking, Corporate, and Asset Management) King Cons - Those Socially and Culturally corrosive Events work for Us - not against Us! That’s the Point of it all! Poke ‘Em With Sticks! The World will go Our way or No Way!

Who needs populations filled with illusions of grandeur spouting off about Equality for All, Individual Rights, Freedom, Democratic Principles and Living in Balanced Harmony and Peace?! What poppycock! Those fanciful Ideas are getting in the way of Our Profits - Our grand schemes and Global Games - Our wants, greeds and desires.

The vermin Masses will Do as We manipulate Them to Do or They’re out! Out of Jobs - Out of Stability - Out of Trust - Out of Hope - Out of Time - We’ll squeeze the Life Out of ‘Em. AnyOne who stands in Our way - We’ll make Them pay!

Free enterprise and Free Trade - bah-humbug - empty words for the feeble-minded. It’s Corporatism - monopolizing Corporatism that Rules the Day - that controls the riff-raff and fray! Corporatism is the New Feudalism! We’re the Kings and Everyone will bow to Our Whims - Our Wills!

What do the Americans mean when They say They want to know where Their trillions of tax dollars have gone to? How dare They question Our decisions - Our well planned and well timed manipulations! Who do They think They are?!

Imagine Those peons - those fools at Blomberg’s thinking that they could approach Us with the Freedom of Information Act - could attempt to sue the Federal Reserve and Government Elitists into telling Them where the American’s tax monies went? What provocative Idiocy!

That’s right ‘Poke ‘Em With a Stick’! Whip those Renegades right back into line. Who do They think owns and maneuvers the legal systems - the legislative systems - the executive systems - the economic systems? We do! The Elitist Few!

Our multi-faceted Games of Smoke ‘n Mirrors have really worked! We Smoked the generous, well intentioned Americans - took Them and Their Posterity to the cleaners! No strings attached! Now, We Own Them! We’re the Masters of the Universe - the Grand chattel Drovers of the World!

We’ll buy up small Banks - foreign Banks - one by one. Why should live up to Our promise to give the American populace help with loans? Why help them stay Their Houses? What’s in it for Us? Maybe We have other Plans. We want to control the World’s assets and World Markets - We Few - We Great - We hubris-filled Global Mighty King Cons! We’ll huff and puff and blow Their Houses down. Keep ‘em Moving - keep ‘em turning and dizzily spinning around and around - let the Masses sputter and fall to the ground. We’re in control - it’s Time They knew it. They had Their chance for Democratic principles - They took them for granted - squandered them - They blew it!

Control the Rabble - Control as We May! They are Our Peasants, Serfs, Slaves, and Livestock to RamRod to Master if everything goes Our Way!

We’ll Kill All the Unions - the Unified Voices of the People and for the People! We’ll gradually undercut and phase-out: Fair Wages, Decent Hours, Humane treatment and Safe Working places. The Corporate Domos are wrangling the Masses to the ground to brand ‘Em and stake Their Claim on ‘Em. Do what We (the Elitists) say or We’ll starve You out! We’ll drive Your stinkin’ hides into the merciless, blistering deserts - lead You to poisoned water holes - We’ll micro/macro manage You into blind and dumb Obedience - a Walking Death - or plummet You into an hellacious Oblivion. No brag - just fact that We’re aptly ready to enact! Our bottom line is the Almighty Dollar - no matter how loudly the hard Working Masses protest and holler!

So, let the Masses moo and moan all They like. The momentum is Ours. The Global Mighty King Cons are taking control. Control means confusing and demoralizing the Masses - sucking the Energy out of Their very Souls. Bending (or breaking) Their Wills to Our Grand Plans.

Every Society needs Its Sin Eaters. Let Them (the Masses) All consume Our (the Elitists) Sins - Our Willful Acts against the Benevolent Welfare of All Humanity for the exaggerated pleasures and creature comforts of the Mighty Few - We, the Marauding Humanity Eating King Cons!

It will take monumental Heroes of Spirit, Wisdom and Will to stop this stampede!

We’ll dodge every effort to call Us ‘out into the street‘. We’ll become Invisible Impediments!

The Global Games We are Playing will be called corrupt and cruel. But who will really care as long as You (the Masses) wind up with a Bunk House, a bunk-bed to sleep on and a plate loaded with sloppy gruel?

So, Poke “Em With a Stick! Shish-ka-bob ’Em! Run “Em till They drop! Plip-Plop, toss ’Em in the pot! Yummy, yummy, in Our gluttonous tummies! Every King Con is always ravenous for Humanity Stew! And don’t think We won’t enjoy every bite and salivation while We’re devouring You. To the Victors go the Spoils. We’re Jungle-Bungle Darwinian Drovers - Mighty King Cons at Their very Best! Catch Us - Stop Us if You can! But until then - Bon Apetit!

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John C. Henthorne, Jr.2009-05-02 21:27:15
You "hit the nail on the head". Found your post when I was searching the web for information about behavior modification of the masses.
You got me hooked on OVI as a resource for alternative news and comments.

Brother John :)

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