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A pair of shoes make a historic goodbye
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-15 08:41:15
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After Mugabe it was George W. Bush’s turn to make me laugh. But let me take the story from the beginning as I read it in the news agencies; George W. Bush paid a surprise, farewell visit to Iraq and during the press conference with the Iraqi president next to him an Iraqi reporter stood up and shouted, "This is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog!" and he threw his shoes at the American president!

As I read in the reports the soles of the shoes are considered the ultimate insult in Arab culture, well a kick in the ass is considered the ultimate insult in every place in the world and this is what George W. Bush got. My only objection to the Iraqi reporter is that he called him ‘dog’ which personally I consider a huge insult to the canine kingdom and I would ask him to apologize.

My next thought was whether George W. Bush will have a farewell trip to Guantanamo also. I mean, the camp is the monument of Bush’s democracy, isn’t he going to kiss the place goodbye? After years of fighting for human rights and democracy, with people like J.F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and so many other defenders of human dignity, George W. Bush created the ultimate temple of torturing and dehumanizing every sense of dignity and he didn’t stop there he made it legal and tried to excuse it as well! That’s the legacy the man leaves to humanity.

Oddly people mourned and cried in the US for the hundreds of dead soldiers lost in Iraq but nobody told them about the thousands of innocent people lost in Iraq and please don’t think that I’m losing the forest and seeing the tree. I never said that Saddam was any good, I never excused his existence and I never thought that he and his regime should continue ruling Iraq, after all you can check my articles two and three years ago and see it. Saddam and his murderous regime should end that the united world filed to do it when they had the chance in '80s that’s something history will judge but you don’t correct one mistake with another.

Especially if you base the second mistake on lies because the result is catastrophic for too many people, and it was! It was catastrophic for Iraq and it was catastrophic for USA as well. And is not only the human lives, think how many people these billions spent would have help, think the economic catastrophe US is facing today and think how much was spent in this war and then it was the lies. The whole thing was based on lies from every side and the people know and what the result, the result was people to lose their faith and trust. It doesn’t matter how just the cause was; the minute was based on lies it lost every just and when the bodies started pilling in the streets of Baghdad, bodies of children and women the cause became unfair.

The security people got the reporter who threw his shoes straight after the incident and honestly I don’t want to know what happened to him but has anybody bothered to ask him how does he live? The man has probably lost family and friends, not probably but for sure; I doubt if there is a single Iraqi this minute that hasn’t lost a family member or a friend. Most of all they lost their dignity. Saddam has press their dignity to the deepest sand the darkest deeps of Iraq but then George W. Bush came as liberator to kill the last bits of dignity they had left. He and his dogs of war storm the country like the bible’s grasshoppers eating everything was valuable for their survival. The called it the reconstruction of the country, this is one way to call it I suppose the truth is that they drank the last drops of blood these people had. Before everything belonged to Saddam, after everything belonged to a company with relations either to the Bush family or to Rumsfeld, the former defence secretary, a personality history will have a lot to write about when the time comes and I presume all of them dark.

A kick in the ass the best goodbye for a man who replaced blood and tears with blood and tears, a pair of old shoes, what a magnificent way to demonstrate their feelings, what a glorious way for a man who asks his legacy when he leaves and what a fantastic way for history to remember him!

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AP2008-12-15 22:54:03
The reporter was severely beaten up and taken to an unknown place. He can be sentenced to at least two years in prison. I wonder what they will do to this man, when 3 in every 4 people around the world felt like doing the same thing... or much worst. Which must justifiably be the case with most Iraqis.
His 5 or 6 year-old nephew was seen on the news shouting "release my uncle now, or I'll throw these ones [showed adult man black shoes that he was grabbing] at you!". That says everything.

Emanuel Paparella2008-12-16 05:24:19
I wonder how Saddam Hussein would have reacted to somebody who threw his shoes at him. Chances are he would have shut him like a dog right there and there. That nobody ever did proves that they knew he was capable of doing it. Food for thought.

Sand2008-12-16 09:13:01
There are, of course, open dogs and closed dogs. I'm not sure how dogs can be be shut but the technique sounds fascinating.

AP2008-12-17 03:38:11
Oh well, I suppose a dead dictator justifies a living prisoner. Heard his screams while being beaten up by 10 gorillas? Saddam would do much worst. I just don't think the man should be condemned. He was fairly inoffensive and everyone would have loved to see Bush with nose bruises.

AP2008-12-17 03:40:50
More than patriotic, the man was dignified - that doesn't deserve punishment.

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