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Mugabe is the cholera of Africa
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-14 09:57:49
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It would sound like a joke if there weren’t hundreds of people suffering and tens of them dead. The Zimbabwean information parasite minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu of Africa’s caricature Hitler Robert Mugabe said with a very serious face that the Cholera that has hit the country is a racist attack from Britain which has also enlisted support from American and other western countries so they can invade the country!

So according to the dictator and his lackeys, Mugabe’s murderers’ squad Europe and America started a biological war against Zimbabwe because …hmm let me see, because they think that Mugabe is the liberator of the masses? Because Zimbabwe has so much oil and diamonds that the international economy is depending on his flourishing Zimbabwean economy? Has Zimbabwe become a major military power with nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction and we didn’t know? Is Barack Obama white and he doesn’t know it?

I’m sorry but I could continue for long with this pathetic announcement that accompanies the other pathetic announcement that came just a day before from the caricature Hitler himself, the brilliant doctors of Zimbabwe stopped cholera that foreign powers had sprint in Zimbabwe! Man under different circumstances the man would have made a career as comedian! Totally hilarious! By the way his government did another practical joke the last few days with a little help from the national bank of Zimbabwe, they issued 500 million notes! I suppose now Mugabe can say that Zimbabwe is the land of the billionaires!

I suppose you all know the reality and if you have any doubts on how truth are the news coming from agencies like BBC or CNN just check the news coming from all the NGOs  or organizations like Doctors without Borders, the news are devastating and the increasing numbers are representing human lives a lot of them kids. But I suppose even these poor souls don’t count for Mugabe and his murderous squad; for him the world this moment is shared in two, the ones who support him and everybody else. And this everybody else has to die.

You see that’s something Mugabe has used often as an excuse for his crimes; they are all spies, racists’ enemies of his regime. Where the little kids spies of MI6 and CIA? That’s something only Mugabe can answer. I suppose his information puppet can answer as well. By the way what punishment should come to Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, Mugabe’s propaganda minister? Will he follow his master in a court against him for genocide and human rights or he will run and hide saying that he was following orders and he didn’t want to do any of it? We have seen this play often enough with dictators and their puppets.

The announcements and speeches coming from Zimbabwe lately look like they have crossed the line of ridiculous and pathetic but unfortunately the reality of the Zimbabwean people is far from a joke, is dramatic. Cholera has hit the country hard and unfortunately with all these people trying to escape sure death under the treatment of the Mugabe’s propaganda instead of medicine they escape to neighbour countries spreading the danger to other nations. The real virus in Zimbabwe is Mugabe and his murderers‘s squad and that what has to be cured with the only possible way, leading them to prison cells and then to courts for genocide because that’s what happens this minute in Zimbabwe.

Hopefully cholera will bring the message to the neighbour leaders and help them to understand that Mugabe is not only Zimbabwe’s nemesis but the whole areas; the man must go now and as I have said many times the neighbour African countries leading by south Africa should be the force to put him away and there is no time for it, it must happen here and now. Even one more dead child is too much!

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Jack2008-12-14 21:07:19
This man is an enemy of his own state! He was listed in Reader's Digest as one of 9 "Hotheads of State" in the world. These were by far the worst 9 heads of states anywhere.

Mugabe's 28 year, iron-hand reign of terror claimed 20,000 lives in one single 1980's political campaign (murdering many supporters of his campaign rivals). The actual death toll since his rule began (1980)has never been known. Estimates are half a million. And the numbers will continue to grow. Here's why:

Zimbabwe has 80% of it's nation unemployed, 83% live in poverty,

and it's growing exponentially worse with the world's worst inflation rate (imagine an annual inflation rate of 1000,000%!, plunging thousands daily into the poverty level. High rates of poverty levels are associated with much greater death rates.

We must accept the fact that just this one man is single-handidly bringing down an entire nation for his own benefit$!.

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