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Rights Wronged or Wrongs Righted?
by Leah Sellers
2008-12-11 09:00:46
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What a Grand Experiment the United States of America has been - still is. Mix up the right Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Ethers and a Great New World snaps, crackles, pops and sparkles into Existence.

We are a Nation Birthed by Revolution and High Ideals protecting and serving the Rights of Individuals. Rights which include: Freedom of Speech, of the Press, of Religion, of Assembly and the Right to Petition the Government for a redress of grievances; the Right to keep and bear Arms, Protection from quartering of Troops, Protection from unreasonable Search and Seizure, Due Process, Double-Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination, and Eminent Domain, Trial by Jury and the Rights of the Accused, Confrontation Clause, Speedy Trial, Public Trial, and Right to Counsel ; Civil Trial by Jury, Prohibition of Excessive Bail and Cruel and Unusual Punishment, and the Powers of the States and People. We have learned that when the Rights of every Individual are held Sacrosanct that (for the most part) Everyone Benefits in a myriad of ways, seen and unforeseen.
However, we are now witnessing within Our Social History and Structure a Great Unravelling. The rhyme and reasons for this Event are innumerable. Some are Intentional from Forces Within as well as Without. Others are simply a product/by-product of the Ripple Effect brought about by Actions/Non-actions already set into Intentional/UnIntentional Energetic Motion many years ago. However the Tide can be Turned and a New Tapestry woven from the Old Threads as well as the New. A strikingly Radiant multi-colored and multidimensional Tapestry of Design and Energetic Intention.
Obama’s ability to Understand that these Times Call for Our Nobility - Call for Our Brightest and Best, is admirable. Yes, as some declare, his chosen Advisors and Cabinet members thus far could be his greatest cacophony of rivals. But despite that fact, President-elect Obama is choosing people he Thinks and Feels will do the Best job for America and the World. And these Bright and Brave Minds and Souls are Willing to Give their Lives and Shining Energies to struggle through and have a Positive Impact upon one of History’s most difficult and chaotic Times. That is Greatness! That is a Trailblazing Beacon worthy of Our National and Global Respect and Honor - Our Hopes, Talents and Dreams!
If memory serves correctly, the American Revolution was Produced, Designed and Acted Upon by some of the Greatest Minds and Souls of that very difficult and chaotic Time in Human History. Many of Those Shining Minds and Souls could have been, and probably were, rivals. But instead of focusing upon Their rivalries, Our National Founding and Fore Fathers chose to combine Their Brilliant Efforts and Energies into Creating an Entity far more Important and Grander than Themselves - The United States of America. The Energy and Focus of Their Ideas and Ideals gave Force - gave enduring Impetus to peoples from all walks of life to join in a Common Cause for the Common Good of All concerned. We must answer that same Energetic Call today.
The Folks that Obama is surrounding himself , Our Nation’s and the World’s Well Being with are People Willing to roll up Their Sleeves and confront the Toils and Labors it will take to help mold and shape a Positively Constructive and Humane New Vision for Our Nation’s - for the World’s Future. He is welcoming Their Dissent - Their differing Views and Opinions. Obama is acting upon one of the very concepts that helped to make America Great - the ability to welcome Dissent - to Explore Differences. To add All Voices to the Stew Pot. Let it Simmer - Let it Boil - Let it Blend in upon Itself - and See, Smell, and Taste what kind of Rich, Hearty, Life Sustaining Broth and Meal get Created to Feed and Nurture the Nation.
Due to population considerations (and the Messes They/We can make Socially and Environmentally) and the spread of Free-Trade and Democratic ideologies Globally (Everyone wants Their ‘piece of the pie‘), Our Blue Gem Stone, Earth, has become a much more complex and complicated Cosmological Organism to live upon. Our Decisions and Actions now must be made for the Long Term - not the selfish, petty short-sighted Ego gratifying short term. (We’ve had quite enough of that kind of Self and Other Defeating Thinking and Activity!).
Also, due to Our ability Globally to annihilate one another in a number of explosive and biological ways, it would probably be in Everyone’s best interest to produce, design and act upon a Peaceful Revolution rather than the old fashioned destructive War and Mayhem models so popular with Leaders and Folks driven more by their Internal ManBeasts - their brutish, childish, nonsensically, catastrophically destructive wants and desires. ‘If I can’t have it, no one will’ or ’I will kick, punch, shoot, explode, poison and destroy the world around me until I get my way’ mentalities.
Any fear-based, chaotic, and socially destructive Revolutions will only lead to fear-based Reactionary Thinking from Our National and World leaders and Citizenry - only lead to eventual Devolution - only lead to the erosion and loss of Our Individual Rights and Freedoms due to enforced Protectionism. In the Disguise of Protecting the Citizenry from the Evils around and amongst Us We will All be made prisoners of Our own fears - of Our Own Making. We will All become the Ultimate Losers.

We’re already witnessing the rumblings of this kind of Thinking and Action throughout the United States and the World. If Our Leaders fear Us getting out of control and violent, they will call for Martial Law and then we’ll all be ‘in a pickle’ and push/pulled down a Path of Wrongheadedness affecting/effecting Everyone Nationally and Globally. What a waste of precious Time, Energies, and Life!
Our New National and World View must take into consideration what is Best for All of Us on this Planet. Thank Heavens, Mr. Obama, his Team and some other World Leaders appear to Understand that, and are Willing to Give Their Lives to a Peaceful Revolution which Benefits America (Their/Our Family) and the World (Our Neighbors).
Change is coming. Change is already here whether We like or not. The Question is what will We do with it? How Will We choose to Shape it - ReConstruct it? Will We Choose to Create a World of Devolution - of destructively, selfish Tantrums (Wars, Lootings, Rapes of Humankind and Our Planet)? Or a World of Peaceful Revolution(s) - filled with the exchanges of vibrant differing Discourse and Ideas Guided toward a Common Good? A Nation and World Filled with strident and deafening Discord and Societal Stasis and Decline or Individually Creational and Dynamic Symphonic Harmonies of Common Ground and Common Benevolent Causes?
Will We become a Nation and World of Rights Wronged or Wrongs Righted?!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-11 14:49:15
Inspiring insightful article. Indeed the experiment is an ongoing one and it has been repeatedly on the verge of failure and remains subject to failure because predicated on man’s free will. It is the experiment of humankind’s destiny in the universe; a destiny we sill barely comprehend and appreciate. Indeed, as you aptly point out Ms. Sellers we have had to learn the hard way that hate, war and destructiveness do not further that destiny in any positive way. We are also beginning to fathom that the spiritual is primary and sustains the material in the universe and that Teilhard de Chardin may have had it on target in his The Phenomenon of Man when he pointed out that there is indeed an evolution—or constant change, if you will—that is cosmological of inert matter and energy, and there is one that is biological of life, and there is one that is intellectual-spiritual and it has a goal and it is the logos, or the point of it all, the Word who became flesh, an event we will merrily celebrate in two short weeks. Dante put it best in describing it in the very last line of the Divine Comedy as “l’amore che move il sole e le altre stelle.” [The love that moves the sun and the other stars.]


Jack2008-12-14 05:54:56
Fear is the great immobilizer. The only way to conquer fear is, I hear, to "go out and get scared". I take it a few dozen times, then fear subsides. Just like public speaking...it does get easier each time.

No fear is just as bad. A healthy fear is more like respecting circumstances...it is self-preservation. It causes one to think of consequences and likelihoods before acting.

National upheavels and chaotic societal ills can refine it as well. Like gold is refined in a fire and made more pure, Democracy's dross falls (it is certainly hoped)as it's hottest temperature.

There was no finer refiner than that of the War of Independence.

Jack2008-12-14 05:58:05
Echo that of Emanuel to all...Merry Christmas Ovi staff, writers, commentors and readers. Ovi remains a "pot pouri" of eclectic human endeavors, experiences and opinions.

"Write On" everyone into 2009!

Leah Sellers2008-12-21 16:56:29
I,too, would like to express my gratitude to Ovi, Asa and Crew, the writers and readers.
Happy 4th Birthday, Ovi !
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, to All !
Thank you for being such Wonderful and Insightful participants in the Gift - the Blessed Right of Free Speech !

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