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But seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-12-03 09:09:55
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There is a saying, that all the bad things hit the poor people at the same time; I have the feeling that something like that applies to Zimbabwe. The UN talk about a cholera outbreak and the number of the dead is nearly 500 with nearly 12,000 cases reported from August till today. If you were superstitious you would say that with Mugabe’s karma Zimbabwe has reached the bottom.

What more will happen to these poor people before the United Nations will take serious action against the dictator? The destiny of these people worsens by the hour, unemployment that reaches 80%, actually the only ones who work this moment in Zimbabwe are Mugabe’s lackeys and Mugabe’s security services constituted by rapists, murderers and torturers and as long Africa’s caricature Hitler and his murderous regime are in power these criminals will not be unemployed.

Of course cholera hasn’t hit Europe but the financial crisis has with more and more companies thinking to lay off workers for a period trying to deal with the screw up of the managers. Despite all the analysis, all the forums and all the talk bottom line is that some managers made basic mistakes, lost all the money and now we are called to cover their asses while they continue spending and wasting. If that’s the capitalism the neo-conservatives were dreaming of I can see the socialist parties returning strong in all Europe.

I said socialist parties and I have to make a reference to the French socialist party. The French socialists decided to exchange Ms Royal with somebody who could be more socialist loyal with family tradition but not in peace and quiet but with a lot of trouble with the beaten not accepting a royal retreat. One who definitely wins with all this inside the socialist party is Nicolas Sarkozy who amazingly survives not because he has found the magic solution to all the problems but because he has no opposition!

Just like Berlusconi, Silvio can do anything he likes due to lack of opposition in Italy. I presume history books in the future when they talk about this period in Italy they will use words like, psychotic and unbelievable. Unfortunately and for different reasons the situation is psychotic in Nigeria where the religious clashes continue more lethal than ever. But we have been talking about the religious clashes for centuries, even in the ancient times there were wars for religious reasons and never forget the crusades. I think the difference this time is that religion is used as excuse and weapon as the Taleban taught.

And the Taleban obviously taught well and the tens of victims in Mumbai are the prove for that. India despite any hope has blamed directly or covered Pakistan and now the Pakistani government must prove that they are not terrorists. Tricky and very difficult but the exchange for two nuclear counties is just too high to ignore.

The same time the American president, the one who counts days till he goes, George W. Bush talks about his legacy emphasizing as his highest achievement the liberation of Iraq forgetting that this was what triggered all the terrorism explosion the last five years, forgetting the pilling numbers of dead and wounded and the numbers are not only the American soldiers but the thousands Iraqi innocent. I think the best thing George W. Bush will have done after eight years will be his goodbye party hours before the 20th of January!

In Iraq the cleaning courts from the Saddam era continue and Chemical Ali was sentence one more time with the death penalty for his role in the crushing Shia uprising in 1991. He has been already sentence to death once before for the genocide against the Iraqi Kurds in 1988. I am against the death penalty and especially in his case I believe that the death penalty is a very simple and naïve punishment. They should make him first understand what he has done and then make him ask for forgiveness from the families, all the families of his victims. Just having to face their eyes would have been enough punishment!

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