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The war against horror!
by The Ovi Team
2008-12-01 09:08:14
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From the very beginning when HIV AIDS appeared, at least for everybody and mainly in the media, was something that had nothing to do with us, identifying this with something very far away from us. And from the very beginning HIV AIDS was the most prejudice often racist illness to appear on earth.

aids02_400 Back in the early-80s when the first victims of AIDS appeared on our television screens and AIDS became a theme for panels and arguments was a thing for a certain community and is really chilling that nearly thirty years after people haven’t realize that AIDS can touch all of us and nowadays it has changed from a community thing to a geographical issue!

More than 30 years and still we haven’t understood that AIDS has nothing to do with sexuality, origins or ethnicity any more, more than thirty years after there are people next door who are HIV positive and we are still thinking that these things will never happen in our neighbourhood, thirty years after and people HIV positive have still to hide in fear of the isolation, more than thirty years after and the majority of the people has not yet the right information on what HIV AIDS is.

Information or better misinformation is the best ally for HIV AIDS for all, the victims their surroundings and whole society and the states I’m sorry to say they still watching numb doing very little. And this nothing, I’m really sorry to say but is true since most of the states hiding behind the drug companies, their profits and the share they gate through the tax.

And all authorities are responsible including even the religious authorities like the Vatican that has forbidden the use of any kind of protection due to their messianic and hypocritical ethic while nations die in Africa. The western administrations are responsible while they could force the drugs companies for cheaper drugs instead of protecting their right to more profit and hypocritically the same time they give crumbling from what they collect from the tax on those drugs for the research and help to countries that suffer an HIV AIDS epidemic.

aids03 I keep talking about the drug companies because after the lack of correct information are the second best allies to HIV AIDS however chilling this might sounds. Ovi magazine is not a magazine to inform you is a magazine that makes you aware and asks you to show interest, investigate, learn, talk and take action. Information is power but in the case of HIV AIDS is a case of life or death in too many ways. The researchers haven’t find ways to cure HIV AIDS yet and please notice this YET but they have found ways to soften the pains and lengthen the period of life of the HIV AIDS victims. Lengthen long enough to give hope that in the meantime they will find the final cure.

For that funding is critical and the only ones who can fund are the states, instead of build and buy warplanes and try to find more ways to kill people they could spend the same money into cure people. So please do check – there are thousands of link in the internet – learn and understand how you can protect your self, understand how you can be with our brothers and sisters that suffer and most of them hug them and encourage them in their long wait, don’t worry if you hugging can only give you warmth, not HIV AIDS!

First of December is the International Day Awareness for the HIV AIDS, use it to learn and inform! Inform that the drugs companies are part of the problem on the way to find the cure, inform people how they can be protected and learn that HIV AIDS has nothing to do with sexuality, race or ethnicity, learn that thousands of people die everyday because of ignorance, remember the because of the drugs’ companies profit medication for HIV AIDS victims is expensive and unreachable for many people, finally remember that HIV AIDS can happen to anyone of us.

A well advertised war against terror is going on this minute internationally making us forget the war against horror that kills thousands!


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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-01 14:56:16
Indeed, quite often a picture, even when imaginary, is worth a thousand words. It brought me back to some of Dante's horrific images in his imaginary realm of Hell; all imaginary but neverthless conveying metaphorically unseen and abused spiritual realities. Sartre too had a point with his play "No Exit" conveying the idea that sometimes, by bringing hell to others, we make this earth a hell for others and for ourselves.

AP2008-12-01 15:23:17
A day to remember specially:
- The "drug experiments" of drug companies in Africa with starving people who can't afford their medications
- People who can't afford the medications in general (and WHY they can't)
- People deliberately infected by mentally ill HIV positive individuals, who don't care about themselves nor others (these cases unfortunatelly exist, and are not as rare as we might think)
- How can we effectively educate and raise our children and teenagers to protect themselves and others, to love themselves and others, to esteem the whole world, respect life and the right to happiness

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