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The end of the Muslim innocence
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-29 10:19:42
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There is so much history between Pakistan and India that even Pakistanis might find it difficult to believe that there is some kind of Pakistani involvement in the horrific incident in India the last few days and it will always make me worry the thought that the balance between those country depends on the sense that if they seriously start bombing each other a nuclear cloud will cover the whole of south Asia.

But I think the worst part of all was the mania or even amok these people got into starting killing just passers-by in the streets and anybody who was not Muslim. It’s sad to say put the innocent age of the Muslim world just finished and unfortunately finished in a Hindu country not a Christian as the most radical of them would like.

For the next weeks perhaps years one more time experts and clerics from the entire world specializing on Muslim issues will come to tell us that we should never connect what happened with the religion, the Koran and the Muslim world and that these are just the actions of a group of madmen. But once is an accident, twice a coincidence but now we have three, four, five and more incidents with the number of innocent victims growing. Of course you cannot blame a book and a lovely book I have read and proudly have in my bookcase, the same way you cannot blame internet for the crimes and heavy metal for the hooliganism.

No, nobody blames the Koran, but somebody has to carry the blame and in the end answer to all these victims. Because the number is really getting too high even for a war and please start adding; add the victims of the Twin Towers, add the victims in Spain, add the victims in Iraq and Afghanistan, add the victims in UK and now the victims of Mumbai dead and injured you will find the numbers terrifying with all of the ending in the same excuses and the name of Allah.

I think what I have put in the title is exactly what happened these last days in India and I do believe what the Pakistani officials say, they seem so numb and lost with what happened perhaps worrying for the mistakes of the past they are more worrying than the Indian government. No you cannot blame Pakistan without strong evidence even if it will be proved that the terrorists came from Pakistan, you cannot blame Pakistan because these people used for their crimes as an excuse the point of conflict between India and Pakistan, Kashmir. The same way you cannot blame Afghanistan for the Taleban, you cannot blame Saudi Arabia for Bin Laden and definitely not Palestine for the suicide bombers. But then what is left? To use a famous detective’s words, what is left however unacceptable and unbelievable it might be this is it.

Is about time for the Muslim world to take action and do something; and I know how harsh this sounds but till now the innocent world the only thing they did was to demonstrate their opposition to these acts and try to explain to everybody that the Koran is against violence. About this last one I have no intention to expand since I’m not a theologise or a religion scholar but I have the sense from what I have read that this is half the truth and sometimes a half truth is worst than a lie but there is one thing I know well and I know that from the Christian religion as well, everything depends on how you attribute a believe and there are many ways to do so.

Pakistan is not guilty and the Muslim people cannot be blame but Pakistan has become a shelter of all these clerics with the thousands of followers all around the world who call for radical actions and is not just Pakistan, is Iran, is Saudi Arabia is even in the United Kingdom or in many EU countries. And this is where the Muslim world has to take action and stop these people who deliver the message. What do you expect from the people when a leader of a country calls for the distraction of a neighbour country with only excuse their religious difference?

The attacks in Mumbai are the critical point for the end of innocence of the Muslim world and now is time to take their responsibilities seriously for what happens and that before violence brings violence, they cannot wash their hands anymore from the blood of the innocent, the numbers are too high to do that anymore.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-11-29 12:34:35
The problem in my view is that assorted fanatics and ideologues and bullies of all stripes, not excluding those who declare themselves godless, do usually take responsibility for their evil acts only too eagerly; in fact they glory in them. Among the recent comments in this very magazine one finds this gem: a sign of maturity is the ability to discard religious beliefs and take responsibility for one’s actions. The obvious fallacious implications there are 1) that simply taking responsibility without any sign of regret and repentance and reparation is enough to make one mature; 2) it is religion that leads to reprehensible actions while those who free themselves from it are ipso facto virtuous, responsible and mature. This is a logical fallacy independent of one’s views on religion and ethical action. It seems to me that within the sad times we happen to live in and have our being, the real issue is the tragic inability to even conceive of a distinction between what is good and what is evil according to man’s nature. Some of those above mentioned fanatics would probably accuse Dostoyevsky of demonizing the people described in his novel “The Devils,” but that novel is nothing short than the work of a true prophet warning us of terrible events to come in the 20th and 21st century. Indeed, the devils have matured and come to roost.

Jack2008-11-29 18:57:13
I went to college with foreign students, one of which was Muslim and this man could not have been more polite and respectful. I think you are right in that Muslims, worldwide, can influence what I think is a small minority or radicalism and terrorism. Unfortunately, it only takes a few in a particular group to give the impression that all Muslims are terrorist are radical. It is too easy to make sweeping generalizations over a small group of radicals after they create terror and death and then associate all Muslims with this. This type of reasoning groups the attrocities of the Crusaders with all of Christianity.

I think you are right on target that there is nothing like positive peer pressure from a group in general that can influence a small, detructive minority of individuals within a broader group.

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