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Christmas Party & Quiz
by Asa Butcher
2008-11-28 09:56:17
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Are you in Helsinki tonight? Do you want to come and have some fun and maybe win some great prizes? Then join us at the IESAF Christmas Party & Quiz in Molly Malone's!

'What great prizes?' I hear you ask, well:

1st Prize - 2 return tickets to Ireland courtesy of aer lingus, 50e Molly’s Money courtesy of Molly Malone’s and DVD players courtesy of IESAF

2nd Prize - 100e Gift Certificate courtesy of Behnford’s

3rd prize - 100e gift certificate courtesy of Watch meb

4th Prize - 50E gift card courtesy of IKEA

Winning team of every round receives 10e Molly’s Money (Divided if teams are tied)

Overall losing team: 10e Molly’s Money

The evening begins at 1800 with a free buffet and the quiz begins at 1900. The quiz will be hosted by me dressed as Santa no-less and if you want to participate then it is 10e per team (max 5 people per team) and you can just turn up.

The quiz will be followed by a raffle with the following prizes:

One night for two people in any Sokos Hotel
Christmas hamper from Behnford’s
MEB 100e gift certificate
3 x professional car wash vouchers

Raffle Tickets: 2 euros each or three for 5 euros

So come along and join in the fun! Everybody is welcome!

IESAF Christmas Party & Quiz
Upstairs in Molly Malone's
Kaisaniemenkatu 1 C, Helsinki
Starts at 1800 on Friday 28th November 2008

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