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All misrepresented Mugabe!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-24 09:09:39
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Reading on the news that the Zimbabwean government – call me caricature Hitler, Robert Mugabe – had denied entry to Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and Graca Machel into the country was not a big surprise but what made me look twice is who broke the news, actually the messenger has made me think about his role all these years in the Zimbabwe tyranny and unbelievable survival of the dictator Mugabe; and the messenger had a name Thabo Mbeki.

Jimmy Carter said that the group had been led to believe that their visas would be issued on arrival in Harare but just few hours before their flying there the former South African president told them that this was not …permissible! I suppose the next question is why and for how much Mbeki betrayed the Zimbabwe people and I bet he wasn’t cheap. Much more what else has he done for Mugabe?

I never really trusted the man and I have to admit that I could not understand how could be possible for Mbeki to replace Nelson Mandela in the presidency of South Africa and I never understood his passionate support to keep a balance between a dictator and a democratic leader in Zimbabwe, what are his interests and which is his agenda.

The three international personas were going to visit Zimbabwe not to meet the political leaders or the opposition but to see with their own eyes how big the humanitarian catastrophe is and there is no doubt on their official mission. Of course Graca Machel is known activist for human rights in Africa and Jimmy Carter in his very unique way succeed better internationally as a former president than he had as the president of the United States. Coming to Kofi Anan, I have to admit that Ki-moon proved that it can be worst General Secretary in the United Nations and actually he made Kofi Anan look like a hero and defender of peace and human rights. So when these three are visiting country, the news are not so good for the local dictator, on the contrary it shows that the international pressure is going to get worst.

Said that stopping international personas like those three is a huge mistake and dismisses any doubt of the real face of the regime that rules and murders Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe id Africa’s Hitler and he must go the sooner possible form the ruling seat, he must move soon to a prison sell and wait for his court case to come for crimes against humanity. This is a reality we all know including from now and on Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and Graca Machel. With Mugabe there is a whole group of murderers, rippers and criminals that must follow him in prison and be sentenced for their crimes. And this must happen soon.

Zimbabwe people have too many enemies at the moment including hunger and illnesses like cholera; to fight Mugabe has become very difficult since the fight for survival is very important and is a thing of every day there. Their only hope for survival is coming from abroad whatever name that might has, it might be United Nations, International Community, Security Council, African Union it doesn’t matter what matters is that the help must come soon and it has to be from abroad otherwise Zimbabwe will die.

People like Mbeki who have boycott democratic evolution in Zimbabwe and the end of a tyrant like Mugabe should have to face their mistakes in the same court rooms as accomplice of a criminal and murderer. After the local courts finish with Mugabe the international courts should take over because his crimes are not only against Zimbabweans but against humanity.

The excuses of the officials in Zimbabwe and especially this ripper and murderer Simbarashe Mumbengegwi that Mr. Annan has …misrepresented the truth and that it whatever happened it happened because there were no prior consultations on the program of the visit are at least pathetic and sad worth to idiots like the rulers of Zimbabwe. Let’s hope that after this the pressure will become stronger and we will be able to see Mugabe in a court room soon!

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