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Sota - Absurdi Tragedia
by The Ovi Team
2008-12-02 08:16:44
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Sota - absurdi tragedia (war - absurd tragedy) is a performance about absurdity of war. It´s a carnivalistic journey to a world, where heroes collapse and the enemy is threatened with a gaybomb.

Sota - absurdi tragedia is a nonverbal performance. It's situated somewhere between theatre, circus and dance.

The performances are held at Helsingin kulttuuritalo, Alppisali, Sturenkatu 4

Thu 4.12 klo.19
Fri 5.12 klo.19
Sat 6.12 klo.15
Sun 7.12 klo.19
Tue 9.12 klo.19
Thu 11.12 klo.19
Fri 12.12. klo.19
Sat 13.12. klo.15

Tickets 20/12/8 €

Make a reservation:
or: phone 0405037934

How to get there? Click here to see a map

Public transportation: Trams: 1, 3B, 3T, 8, 9. Busses: 23, 50, 51, 53, 58, 70T, Metro to Sörnäinen.

* * * 


Dramaturgy and directed by: Hanna Ryti
Music: George "Bandoek" Apostolakis
Choreography: Nina Mamia.

On the stage:
Mikko Kaukolampi
Sofia Koski
Mia Lindholm
Johanna Peltonen
Mia Silvennoinen
Linda Stén

Lights: Eero Erkamo
Costumes: Sanna Pietilä
Graphic Design: Tuomas Karppinen



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