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Grandpa's 'Divining Ear'
by Leah Sellers
2008-11-20 10:21:01
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“What do you mean when you tell me to listen with my ‘Divining Ear’, Grandpa?”

“When you listen with your ‘Divining Ear', Baby, you’re listening to the Heartbeat of God within Every Living Soul. You’re really listening to what They have to say - to Who They really are within that Moment.”

I never forgot that lesson. Sometimes I forget to ‘put on’ my ‘Divining Ears’ when I listen to Others. Every time that happens I come up short changed, and so do They.

When We listen with Our ‘Divining Ear’ We can sometimes hear the Soul Song of Others or some of Their deepest longings or needs. Our ‘Divining Ear’ almost always plumbs the depths of Who Others truly Are or Want to Be, Who We are to Others and Who We are to Ourselves in that Moment.

Our ‘Divining Ear’ is Our ‘Divining Rod’ to the Other - to a more positive and constructively empathetic Selfhood. It Connects Us to the Totality of Others and the Wholeness of OurSelves. Listening with Our ‘Divining Ear’ makes Us truly Present to and for Another Being.

Ever watch how a Child hangs onto every Word spoken to Them by Someone They Love - who Loves Them? Children almost always Listen with Their ‘Divining Ears’, because They perceive the World through the Fresh Perspective - the Crystal, Rainbow Lens of Wonder, Innocent Imagination and Mystery. They are Open and Accommodating to the nuances of Tone, Inflection and Energies ‘given out’ by those They are Connected to.

 We have much to learn from the Divining Souls and Ears of Children.

 The Wisdom of the Ages existed within the Precious Space between my Grandpa’s ’Divining Ears’. As It existed for him, and exists for most Children, so, too, can the ’Divining Ear’ Exist for and Benefit Us All.

In Honor of International Children’s Day

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Jack2008-11-21 03:54:21
As a father and now (this may be even more fun) a grandfather, I have exceedingly great joy in passing on traits of love and compassion and tenderness and manhood (since they're all boys). Meakness is not weakness....and no love is ever lost. It lives on thru them, as a ripple reaches the shore only to return again to the one who sent it.

A scrapped knee, a dead goldfish, hurt feelings…all made a little better by tender, loving care. A child doesn’t care how much you know, only how much you care. Unconditional love tells them how much you care. This could not hurt the chances that a caring adult may result.

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