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Joe and other plumbers
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-20 10:21:30
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Joe the plumber is ready to write a book about his involvement in the last American election and in his last press conference he was ready to help any future leader of the Republican Party including Sarah Palin but another plumber made history long before Joe, the Polish plumber. Actually is has been a long time now that I’ve been thinking of my wrong choices and one of them was to waste eight years of my life collecting papers with fancy fonts while as a plumber I could have retired by now enjoying the riches I have made over the last two decades.

I can see the smile on your face and if you are or you know a plumber most likely you are ready to read something else or leave a comment coloured with not so fancy words. The bitter truth? This American Joe the plumber is a joke and one of these bad jokes that become embarrassment. The American Joe the plumber was used in the Republican Party’s campaign from John McCain and Sarah Palin as the perfect example of how bad the socialist Barack Obama would do to the middle class, you see this Joe the six pack plumber – I can not avoid connections with other Joes in those last American elections – makes over 250k US$ a year. In a case you have problems to understand that means more than 198k Euros a year or more than 167k British £! Dear fellow Europeans how do you feel now? I mean in Europe there is no way you would call somebody with nearly 200k a year a poor sod who has problems to pay his tax, there are other words you might use but poor would definitely not one of them.

The story of the Polish plumber is the total opposite of the American plumber. Is the poor immigrant who’s immigrating to one of the richer European states trying to improve his/hers economic situation that balances often between desperation and state’s benefits and since benefits are not the strong point in countries like Poland the plumbers saw the united Europe as an opportunity, an opportunity for them and their kids. But the Polish plumber became threat to the British plumber, the German and the French plumber, the Dutch and the Spanish plumber and the danger didn’t come from their extensive experience or training but because of their salaries. You see the Polish plumber wanted first of all a life with dignity something he/she missed for nearly three generations in Poland and then the riches and if the riches wouldn’t come doesn’t matter because a life with dignity is the priority.

Of course the British, the German and the French plumbers are not making 250k a year, the majority of them makes just enough to run a life with dignity and make sure that their kids have a house and support for their studies and it was natural that the Polish plumber became a threat to their income. And that made the governments to take extra measures to support and defend their citizens, you see in Europe unemployment mainly hits the working class and Tom the plumber, Jean the plumber and Eric the plumber are the most often victims.

The reason I remembered all that and I started writing about plumbers is because a research from EU Commission made clear that the influx of Easter and central European migrants to older EU members has not destabilised their labour markets on the contrary might has helped the problem with eldering Europe.

The same time Joe the plumber in USA announced that he’s going to write his …autobiography with his experiences as the poor 250k/year US$ plumber, his experiences regarding the campaign and of course a lot of advise for the new president on how to understand better …plumbers!!! I suppose Sarah Palin and him are the real future for the American Republican Party!

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AP2008-11-20 11:57:39
Didn't you hear Letterman's news? Sarah Palin is also writing a book, the contract is worth 6 million dollars (she said: "okay, as long as I don't have to read it"!) and was done through a guy named... Joe the publisher. She will be able to buy her own clothes and diapers now.

AP2008-11-20 12:00:10
she said "you betcha, as long as I don't have to read it!"

Alexander Mikhaylov2008-11-20 21:31:38
Of course, she won't have to read it (since it will be written by a bunch of some unemployed ex - english majors who do not mind to make some dough on the side, in this case as ghost writers,no matter what they have to write and for whom, for five or six bucks per hour, I suppose) What a shame!

AP2008-11-21 03:07:17
Shame for the ex-english majors, for Palin or for the unemployment statistics? Even when someone writes it for you, you normally have a look at it (or several looks), correct passages, etc.

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