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De-Regulation's Conflagration!
by Leah Sellers
2008-11-16 08:11:54
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The De-Regulatory modality’s Wild Fire has left Everyone frantically scurrying and hurrying for a “quick fix”. Hasty “band-aid fixes” are part of what got Us (Human Beings) into Our present Global Economic Crisis in the first place. As my Grandfather used to say, “One should never ‘poop’ in One’s Own nest.” The Consequences can be dire.

Perhaps, We (the Human World Populace) now truly Understand - truly Realize that opportunities for - breeding grounds for Greed (Avarice, Criminal Usury....) in all Free Market wheelings-and-dealings - must be Conscientiously Regulated - Watchdogged!

Even the Underworld of Hades was Watchdogged by the ferocious, three-headed Guardian, Cerberus. Cerberusian Watchdogs sniff out and decide Who gets in and What they walk out with, and Who gets out and What they get out with. Regulatory Cerberus’ even scrutinize Why to let Someone in - what their Role, their Authority, their Ethical Code and Understanding of their Role, Responsibilities and Accountabilities to the People they Serve are (as well as defining Who it is that they are supposed to be Serving). Yes, first and foremost the People entering and passing through Cerberus’ ‘check point’ must Consider and Understand Who they are Serving, before commiserating over the Service of Self.

If the Balance between Give and Take/Self and Others is holistically maintained, then they are conducively Self-Regulating and they need not Fear the Cerberus’ - the Watchdog’s - warning Bark or punitive Bite.

Free Market Capitalism - Free Market Trade - can exist more Constructively and Productively with Conscientious Regulation. Conscientious Regulation keeps people aware of the Virtues and Rewards of: Honesty, Fairness, Integrity, Trust, Perseverance, Loyalty, Diligence, Hard Work.... It helps to establish Just and Socially Amenable 'rules of play' and safe boundaries.

Cerberus’ Energy keeps the Actions and Non-Actions of the Free Market’s Underworld Transparent - holds it Up to and In the Light. Secrecy’s dark cloak, puts a muzzle and chains on Cerberus' Guardian Energies, and Greed breeds, magnifies, creates and propagates Global Economic and Societal Dis-ease and Crisis.

The Protective Growl and Howl of Cerberus’ Regulatory Call should resound in All Global Economies and Societal Halls. It helps bring out the Best in Us All! Conscientious Regulation’s Conflagration is a Wild Fire that can Purify and Cleanse Our existing Economic and Societal systems.

Cerberus won’t mind the Heat. He’s used to it. We, the World’s Human Populace, should welcome the Life-Giving and Perpetuating Fires of Hearth and Home His Energy can help Nurture and Sustain. It will Benefit Us All to keep this mythical Watchdog’s tail wagging.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-11-16 10:22:25
Actually there is another Cerberus and it is the one found in Dante’s hell (Canto VI, third circle where the gluttonous get their just desserts) thus described by Dante:

"Cerberus, a beast cruel and monstrous, with three throats barks doglike above the people that are here submerged. He has vermilion eyes, and a greasy and black beard, and a big belly, and hands armed with claws: he tears the spirits, flays them, and rends them. The rain makes them howl like dogs; of one of their sides they make a screen for the other; the profane wretches often turn themselves.
When Cerberus, the great worm, observed us he opened his mouths, and showed his fangs to us; not a limb had he that he kept quiet. And my Leader opened wide his hands, took some earth, and with full fists threw it into the ravenous gullets. As the dog that barking craves, and becomes quiet when he bites his food, and is intent and fights only to devour it, such became those filthy faces of the demon Cerberus, who so thunders at the souls that they would fain be deaf." (free translation).

Gluttony is a form of unregulated eating. Indeed, it makes sense that Dante should put Cerberus to guard those whose eyes were bigger than their stomach. Greed is very much related to gluttony.

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