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G20 and the European leaders
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-11-16 08:11:59
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The G20 summit was nothing more than George W. Bush’s goodbye to the international political scene and his final effort to leave something - it doesn’t matter how small - good behind him, but only looking at the guest list of the ‘world leaders’ is enough to make you laugh! Since when has Turkey, that is beginning for another loan from the World Bank, a leading financial power and what was Brazil doing there; an emerging market? Well Albania is an emerging market but they are not at the summit!

But first things first, it is one thing to try to find a solution all together since the financial crisis has hit everybody but another is to try to share the blame. The American banking and investment industry is mainly responsible for the whole crisis either through the mistakes they did in USA with the loans or the international partners of theirs funded and controlled from American capitals. Actually the whole thing shows where the European economic policy has failed. While creating and establishing a new independent from the dollar currency they made the mistake to leave euro mainly out of habit and the bully attitude of the American administration to depend from the transatlantic cousin.

George W. Bush is not going to give any solutions or any last minute miracles, the crisis is a result of his out of control and extreme neo-liberal policy where in states responsible for the security and the well being of their citizens left the markets controls and fix themselves ignoring the fact that money want more money, that is never enough and that greed rules. And here he is now Machiavellian and arrogant the prince of neo-conservatism trying to leave the scene with one last big show transforming for one more time the Europeans as his clowns.

What Sarkozy and Merkel were thinking when photographed next to Erdogan and Da Silva? Let’s do the fool one last favour? The fool tricked you because he did business dear European partners, he did and he’s going to make business, strict business till the last moment, until the 19th of January and after that he’s going to exchange his presidency in hard exchange just like his daddy and his partners and he used you, all of you, Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy to make his show more attractive. As far the European citizens for one more time you failed us.

What will be accomplished? Nothing! Nothing because whatever George W. Bush says everybody is waiting what Barack Obama will do and the main reason most of those leaders went to Washington is because they were hoping to be lucky and meet the new president and somehow steal a promise or something from him and all that for their petit national interests and nothing to do with the international economy. Why do you think Mexico with more than 40% homeless and record government corruption is there? To give financial advice? I suppose Turkey is going to talk about human rights, the Kurds and democracy and China about Tibet! Amazing, well done Nicolas, well done Barroso! Actually Barroso has been proved a good clown, probably he feels totally comfortably with the show!

The G20 summit in Washington is not only George W. Bush’s last show and perhaps the worst of all but it is the final prove that something must seriously change in Europe. And this change is not going to come with Barroso, Solana and all the alike. It needs a radical change that will take Europe out of the hands of miserable opportunists like the above and by waiting to see what Obama will do is not helping. They should have already come with a plan and they should have already acted upon it. Most of all doesn’t matter how much suntan they add they will never become Barack Obama because they are too small and they have already shown it.

By the way, Barack Obama’s attitude not to participate in this fiasco was a very intelligent political move that the more experience European leaders missed reminding the film The Godfather where they all run to take the blessing of the new leader and kiss the hand of the last! Actually this is the part where George W. Bush succeeds; he proved how ridiculous the leaders of the European Union are and how far it is the dream of a united and strong Europe.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-11-16 10:40:23
And so the rich countries of the world have come to the table to fix things for themselves from which Lazarus and the poor countries of this world have once more been excluded.

Dante places the greedy and gluttonous in the third circle of hell (Canto VI)guarded by Cerberus. There they get the punishment that fits the vice of having eyes bigger than one's stomach.

See Leah Sellers article of today and the comment under it.

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